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Time & Attendance

Pacific Timesheet time and attendance software has several data collection methods:  Web timesheets, Time clocks, Smartphones and handhelds, and IVR phone time cards.

Our extensive policy and rules engine supports absence points rules, shift differentials, complicated union and California overtime rules, consecutive day rules, meal penalty rules, split-shift premiums, holiday worked rules and more.

Attendance Timesheets
Attendance templates can support a variety of needs:  a backend timesheet for IVR phone timesheet data capture, time clock data entry, integration with call center phone systems and other applications.


Web Time Clock
Web timesheets allow employees to punch in and out of a web time clock. They can also also track work details like department, job, activities or notes. Web timesheet users can punch in/out using time clocks, handhelds or IVR phone time cards, and edit other details later when they have access to a PC.


Time Clocks
Biometric time clocks can eliminate "buddy punching." Proximity or Smart Card (Mifare and HID) time clocks track attendance and provide access control. Combination Biometric/Proximity of PIN entry Time Clocks provide excellent authentication where the condition of workers' hands require a one-to-one fingerprint match. Wireless time clocks provide attendance solutions for field services or construction sites.    


IVR Phone Time Cards
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone time cards allow for employees to record time by calling an 800 number.  Capture Caller IDs and job or project numbers.



Time Off Management