Streamline payroll.


Payroll Timesheets

Payroll timesheets with everything you need to capture employee work and time off hours. Automated overtime, work and validation rules ensure accuracy. Email reminders, late notices and Supervisor Approvals make sure timesheets are right and ready for payroll processing.

Any Time Periods
Timesheet templates that support any payroll time period:  weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quad-weekly and custom time periods.


Payroll Timesheet

Payroll timesheets can be customized for exempt, non-exempt and other employee types. Timesheets can track regular time, overtime, time off, or time off only.  Validation rules can enforce scheduled hours and other rules. 


Timesheet Validation Rules

You can set rules that force employees to account for a certain number of hours per week (for example 40.0), including time off or regular time hours.


Timesheet Rejection Messages

Supervisor rejection messages, which can zero in on a particular line item, are routed back to the employee. This makes it easy for employees to correct an errant timesheet.


250+ Payrolls Supported
Pacific Timesheet supports more than 250 different payroll systems.

Unlimited Pay Codes
Pacific Timesheet allows you to have unlimited pay codes for work and leave.  Pay code permissions allow you to restrict access to different classes of pay codes for different employees.



Overtime Rules
Overtime rules can be assigned by employee for any union rules or jurisdictional overtime rules (e.g. State of California) for any timesheet template.


Multiple Pay Rates
Multiple pay rates can be assigned to employees based upon their type of work, or other factors such as group or location. 


Comp and Flex Time Rules
Establish Comp Time and Flex Time Banks for individual employees using daily or weekly overtime rules.  Comp or Flex Time balances can be checked easily by employees on their home page.


FMLA Support
Family Medical Leave Act rules and balances support allows for FMLA requests, approvals, FMLA balance grants and FMLA leave tracking for any employee.  You can also track other forms of longer term leave such as Long Term Disability, unpaid leave of absence and any other types of leave.


Payroll Hours Reports
Reports allow you to check Time Off hours by leave type.  Report on work ours: regular time hours, overtime hours, on call hours.  Report on approved timesheets, rejected timesheets




Time & Attendance