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"More important than what we do, is how we do it."

Pacific Timesheet is a best-in-class software and cloud services provider for employee time, expense, asset and log tracking software — for the office, in the plant, and in the field.

More important than what we do is how we do it. We are continually developing our software, solutions, training, education, and our cross-functional and cross-industry knowledge base. We also develop deep relationships with our customers — the key partners in our road map to the future. Pacific Timesheet's primary objective is to create exceptional value for customers by providing industry and business solutions with unprecedented ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability. We deliver software and cloud solutions that are quick-to-configure and require a minimum of ongoing professional services to maintain. Our customers are assisted with extensive free trials and testing before they buy.

Our applications are among the most easily configured in the market. Our philosophy was borne out of our founders belief, as one of the first providers of web-based solutions, that our solutions should be made available to run anywhere, anytime. We believe that the true promise of cloud solutions is delivering new, more efficient and advanced solutions to customers seamlessly, automatically, unlike the costly disruption of old-style software upgrades and updates. Our extensive knowledge base continues to build upon the value created from our customers' successes. Our learning-centered approach to training and education allows our customers to keep their solutions with us as evergreen assets that grow and evolve with their organizations over time.

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Employee Owned

Pacific Timesheet is an award-winning, employee-owned firm. Our business DNA is to adopt clients' business challenges as if they were our own. Our service level agreements, among the most aggressive in the industry, ensure that the pride we have in our business drives exemplary customer service.


The Road Ahead

We believe that web-based software and cloud services are fundamentally a different solution than the software of the last decade and before. Cloud services, always fully updated, current, available, visible to us and customers in real time, make for the most efficient solutions delivery model. Development and deployment schedules in the cloud are becoming more rapid. Our ability to use customer feedback is getting closer and closer to real time. If you ask us, we will tell you that our business is an increasingly perfect marriage of technology and service. Faster development, feedback from customers, service delivery, more rapid testing, and implementations. If you ask our customers, they'll probably tell you that they are intricately involved in our success. A dynamic product and service request process, agile development methodology, customer relationship management advocates, and rapid support, means an increasingly extra-ordinary level of service that we improve, continually, every day. If you join us, we look forward to joining you on the road ahead.

Using Our Resources

Please feel free to access our extensive knowledgebase supporting various business and industry solutions. An extensive collection of education and learning center materials is available to you at any stage of inquiry free of charge. Whether you are identifying your business needs, researching features, or the criteria you might need to select a vendor, we encourage you to access our information and trial resources freely, or to contact us for any counsel or answers you need.



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