Track job materials & supplies, transfers & productionTracking Dashboards

Know your job site materials inventory, where materials are at all times, and when, where and how they are used. Tracking job materials is critical to managing and knowing your true job costs and accurate billing. Pacific Timesheet Materials Tracking allows you to record and track the entire life cycle of materials, from receipt at the job site, through transfers, use, loss, damage or theft.

Job site materials tracking interface

Track all your job site materials with a simple easy-to-use tablet interface. Record materials received in a central administrative interface, and then have your foreman and superintendents record how they were used by crew. 

Materials and production tracking

Track materials by any phase or cost code. Record materials transfers to keep track of where they are at all times. Monitor and reconcile materials stores so your job sites have have what they need when they need it to meet deadlines. 

Damaged, lost and stolen materials

Detailed tracking of job site transfers, date/time stamps of checking in and out of materials reduces materials losses. Record damaged and lost materials, and used detailed audit trails as part of your investigation of stolen materials.      

Reporting materials job costs, billings & profits.

Custom reporting on materials job cost and pricing history summary or details over any reporting period. Security permissions allow for easy publishing of reports for project managers and superintendents to track data in the field.

Materials summary & details data

You can report on any materials data, by job, phase, cost code, crew and more. Our reporting analytics allow you summarize and sort data by any variable, and drill down into any details presenting the data any way you need. All reporting analytics can be exported to Excel, .csv for additional analysis, or PDF files.  

Job costs vs. estimates

Reporting analytics allow you to summarize job materials cost estimates vs. actual. Zero in on materials costs by materials items, types and classes. Include materials damage, losses or theft to get a better handle on overall waste. Run reports and gain visibility in real time, adjust management practices/procedures without delay. 

Custom and targeted reports

Any kind of approvals

Pacific Timesheet Materials Tracking allows your to have multiple approvals using a variety of approval interfaces. Centralized approval dashboards allow project managers to view, approve or reject all materials on one screen. Or approvals can be completed directly on crew timesheets on a daily or weekly basis.   


Multiple approvals

Have materials approved any way you need. Project manager, superintendent, supervisor, client & more. Approvals assignments can be setup and using advanced security permissions that are simple and easy to administer.

Crew timesheet approvals

Materials can be approved by crew using our crew timesheet interface. This allows for easy rejection or editing by superintendents or project managers of entries with a full audit trails of any rejections and edits. 

Multiple materials approval interfaces

Project managers can approve materials on a single dashboard for all crews or jobs or on each individual crew timesheet with a complete audit trail of all approvals. Advanced approval interfaces allow weekly or daily approvals/rejections by crew.