Customizable systems

Pacific Timesheet's implementations use extensive system templates, an industry-leading system administration UI, and leverage flexible features that are rare in scalable enterprise applications.   

Greater implementation speed

Leveraging these advanced tool sets, our implementations use a phased methodology that addresses your most pressing pain points while deploying standard best practices most beneficial to your organization. All of this means greater implementation speed, setting things up right the first time, and far greater user acceptance.    

Implementing from A to Z.

Each implementation is managed using a detailed statement of work and project plan. Change requests are fully documented and managed to ensure that impacts on project timelines are fully understood and anticipated. Our cloud software and services implementations have several critical phases:

  • Requirements research and definition
  • Custom policies and rules configuration
  • Compliance requirements and implementation
  • Pilot tests
  • Limited roll outs
  • Full roll outs
  • Follow up and monitoring

Implementation Services