How to learning about pricing options

We have a variety of pricing options that depend upon your product features, system size and service terms.  
We are happy to walk you through pricing options in a few ways:


You can initiate a chat with our sales support team on the bottom right of this page, If no representative is available you can submit a quote request in the chat window.

Submit chat quote request

If an agent is not available you can request a quote in the chat window. Please include these details:
  1. Products you are looking for:
    1. Employee timesheet software (includes projects, leave, accruals, rules, etc.)
    2. Employee time and expense software (include timesheet software and expense tracking software)
    3. Crew timesheet software (time and labor only)
    4. Crew timesheet software enterprise (time and labor, expense, asset tracking, production tracking and/or logs (list what you need)

  2. Number of employees/users (this will affect volume discounts)
    1. Active number of employees using timesheets, expense sheets and/or approving timesheets and expense sheets.
    2. For crew timesheets, active number of crew timesheet users (exclude employees tracked who do not need to log into the system).

  3. Length of cloud services term (the longer the term the biggest the discounts)
    1. Month-to-month serviceAnnual service agreement
    2. Two-year service agreement
    3. Three-year service agreement 

Submit quote request form

Complete a quote request form. Provide full details, e.g. number of users or employees, the type of time and expense tracking, and the length of the services term you want. This will help us give you volume discounts and better user pricing in the quote.

Request quote


Meet with application specialists

Do you have questions on your specific features or requirements and what they might cost? Schedule an appointment with an application specialist. 

Schedule Meeting

Schedule a demonstration

Perhaps you've already reviewed your needs with us, and now you want to schedule a demonstration meeting. 

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  • "It's improved our reporting and business significantly."
    Craig Van Durman, Mgr. Financial Reporting
    BCD Travel Meetings & Incentives
  • "We can now manage leave in a more timely automatic way."
    Joan Walrond, Director of HR & Administration,
    New Visions for Public Schools

Contact an expert

Have questions about special requirements or pricing options? Consult with a Pacific Timesheet expert about various products and services options, specific features and pricing.

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