A Comprehensive Payroll Time & Expense Solution 

Payroll time and expense sheets should accurately track and process hours and amounts to pay employees properly:
  • Work hours paid by statutory or negotiated union rules.
  • Reimbursement amounts for per diem and expenses.
  • Pay adders: shift differential, on call, bonuses, or call outs.
  • Leave hours like vacation, sick, or PTO.
Pacific Timesheet can automate all your time and expense tracking for payroll, with automated features that ensure time and expense sheets are valid and approved on time, every time.

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Payroll time and expense tracking

Time and expense software must track everything you need for payroll: work and leave hours, pay adders like shift differential, bonuses, all expense types like per diems, travel, meals, mileage, and more. Pacific Timesheet provides an integrated time and expense tracking solution.   

Validation, rules & approvals

All attendance schedule deviations are recorded and absence points are applied in real time using advanced absence points rules settings. Time off absence rules can be applied to enforce vacation request policies. You can finely calibrate absence points rules to increase in fifteen minute intervals .

Integration with payroll & accounting

Pacific Timesheet integrates with 250 + payroll & accounting systems. Need it now? Increase payroll processing speed and accuracy. Eliminate double data entry & reduce corrections. Easy maintenance  ensures payroll changes are handled quickly & effectively.

Any timesheet.

Use any time or expense sheets

Automate all your employee time and expense tracking using any templates and formats. With Pacific Timesheet, you can match any timesheet layout: from simple hours tracking to more complex pay code hours and amounts, start & finish times, leave hours, project time tracking and more.

Mobile and desktop time & expense

Employees on the go and need to use desktop and mobile applications. Pacific Timesheet Mobile, completely integrated with desktop and backend applications, allows employees to start in the office and end in the field, tracking any hours and expense amounts along the way.

Attendance options

Track time and attendance using state-of-the-art web-based time clocks in the office, plant or field. Employee schedule deviations (e.g. late ins, early outs) are tracked in real time. Supervisor attendance dashboards show who's in, who's out, who's late or left early.

Request, schedule & track leave

Employee leave requests and approvals make future staffing levels planned with no surprises. Leave sections of timesheets are simple to use. Or create "leave-only" timesheets for exempt employees. Accruals engine ensures employee leave balances are visible and enforced.

Easy approvals

Automate all your employee timesheets no matter what their style. With Pacific Timesheet templates you can match any timesheet layout: pay code timesheets, attendance-oriented, project and payroll timesheets, time off only and more.

Approvals made easy.


Approval dashboards

Full-featured approval dashboards give your supervisors summary views and detailed drilldowns to quickly see any timesheet. 

Line item rejections

Give your supervisors the power to reject timesheet line items. Specific feedback and comments improve employee performance.

Leave approvals

With information at your fingertips, approving leave becomes a snap. "Quickviews" of employee forecasted balances validate requests. 

Automated calculations.

Automated accruals

Pacific Timesheet's automated accruals engine does more than replace manual number crunching. It powers time off  request validations and ensures that balances are accurate at all times. 


Any accrual rules

Our flexible accruals engine can automate any accrual rules: annual accruals, fiscal year accruals, monthly accruals, bi-weekly accruals, semi-monthly accruals, or by employee anniversary accruals.

Complex rollovers & caps

Set accrual rules with any rollover period: calendar years, fiscal years, employee anniversary dates, lagged periods. Balance maximums enforce caps that encourage employees to utilize leave.

Troubleshooting tools

Have you ever had to retroactively change accrual rules? Made honest mistakes with your policies? Our advanced tools can re-run any accrual and balance rules for any employees, group or pay codes over any time period.

Employee Self-Service

Pacific Timesheet's employee self-service features allow employees to check time off balances, accruals and time off taken history, and make time off requests. Save valuable time by eliminating the back and forth of employee information requests.


Self-service and reports.

Employee dashboard

One dashboard gives employees access to everything they need: balances, scheduled holidays and time off, and new time off requests, user preferences, and user account information.

Balance history/details

Employees not only can view current balances at a glance, with one click they can access complete balance history details such as values and dates of each accrual and any leave taken.

Time off requests

Employees can easily complete time off requests, and test them against available future balances (including forecasted accruals!). Requests are validated by minimum balance rules.

Automated reminders.

Automated email notices

Pacific Timesheet's email notifications remind employees and approvers of timesheet deadlines, notices of new time off requests, late notices, and escalate late approvals to backup approvers.

Automated reminders

Pacific Timesheet allows you to customize a variety of timed reminders including: employee timesheet due reminders, timesheet late notices, approval reminders, approval late notices. Reminders can be set to any schedule. 

Real-time notices

Pacific Timesheet notifies employees when supervisors reject timesheets with comments. Supervisors can receive timed notices when timesheet approvals are due or late, or an instant notice when an employee submits a timesheet.

Time off notices

Pacific Timesheet sends instant notices to approvers when employee time off requests are created, and send request rejected, approved to employees. Time off approvers are sent scheduled reminders and late notices.

Payroll integration

Pacific Timesheet integrates with more than three hundred payrolls worldwide. Have employee master file, cost center assignments, supervisor assignments synchronized automatically and up-to-date at all times.

Payroll integrations.

Major payrolls

Pacific Timesheet integrates seamlessly with all major payrolls:  SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Great Plains, ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks and many many more.

Key pay data

Pacific Timesheet captures and sends cost center, pay/earnings codes, pay classes, shift data and more to ensure that your payroll is accurate and on-time.

Audit tracking & details

Automatically marking processed data allows you to easily make and synchronize corrections. Eliminating double data entry significantly reduces errors.