Timesheet Software Features

What features do you need?

Pacific Timesheet offers more than 500 features to help you automate and streamline your timesheets, forms, expense, asset and documentation tracking.

    • Automated approvals workflow that allows employees and resources to submit detailed timesheets and time tracking data to multiple approvers. System users can track the approval process at  every  stage
    • Approval dashboards
      Approvers can configure their own approval dashboard views of timesheet data for their approvals
    • Multiple approvals
      The system allows many approval levels, each configured within the employee's profile
    • Backup approvals
      Each approval level has backup approvers who can step in any time to approve for an approver
    • Payroll manager approvals
      Payroll managers can have a payroll approval that tags timesheets as payroll exported or paid
    • Billing manager approvals
      Billing managers can have a billing approval that tags timesheets as billing exported or billed
    • Supervisor approvals
      Supervisor approvals allow for direct reports to be accountable to their supervisors on time worked, time off requested and taken
    • Timesheet rejections/comments
      Approvers can reject any timesheet time entry with detailed rejections comments or instructions
    • Time off rejections/comments
      Approvers can reject any leave request with detailed rejection comments or instructions
    • Summary approvals
      Allows approvers to approve or reject timesheets at the summary level based upon summary information such as total hours or leave
    • Details approvals
      Approvers can make detailed partial approvals on timesheet line items
    • Employee timesheet status
      Employees can check the status of a timesheet real time by clicking on the status link
    • Timesheet status reports
      A report generated from approval dashboards that shows the details of timesheets filtered by time period, status and approval level
    • Multiple billing rates/rules
      Apply billing rates and rules by project, employee or other system objects
    • Billing amounts
      Calculate billing amounts using customized billing rules
    • DCAA compliant
      DCAA compliance features includes extensive auditing of system administrative changes, approvals and rejections, timesheet corrections and other features
    • J2EE compliant
      J2EE compliance means that Pacific Timesheet runs on any operating system and middleware
    • W3C compliant
      W3C compliance means that Pacific Timesheet uses standards-based HTTP, HTML, XML and CSS, allowing it to operate in all compliant web browsers
    • SQL compliant
      Supports SQL 2003-compliant DBMSs, including MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
    • Browser-based web portal
      Supports any browser: IE, Firefox, Safari and others
    • PDA/cell phone data entry
      Supports all major form factors
    • Time clocks (Networked and Wireless)
      Supports a variety of networked, wireless and IP addressable time clock devices: biometric, proximity, badge swipe, PIN entry
    • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
      Employees call in time to 800 numbers. Largest IVR data centers in North America
    • Punch in/out crews
      Handheld crew time keeping interface
    • Submission certification
      Require browser users to certify that their timesheet information is true and correct
    • Forgot password handling
      Employees can request a new password automatically, for improved employee self-service
    • Multiple timesheet views
      Users have week views, day views, summary views and other views of timesheets
    • Show/hide totals
      Show/hide totals to save screen space
    • Show/hide object data
      Object profiles can store and show/hide extensive profile data
    • Terminology configurable
      Customize key system terminology to match your organization's terminology
    • Easy installation
      Software installs in four minutes
    • Support any operating system
      All major operating systems supported, including Windows Server, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OSX and others:
    • Lookup/search utilities
      Find any profile or data using keyword and data search tools
    • Unlimited employee types
      Customizable for payroll, policies and rules configuration
    • Submission/approval workflow
      Customize multiple approvals levels plus backup approvers
    • Unlimited custom fields
      Extend employee profile data with more than ten data types
    • Effective dates
      First day and last day restrict employee access to timesheets
    • Multiple locale support
      Support for more than 75 locales can be configured by employee, with translations for French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages
    • One stop profile management
      Can manage all key employee data from profile including balances
    • Custom system objects
      Extend the system with custom objects
    • Brand system with logo
      Private label the system with your company logo
    • Unlimited custom fields
      Customize, extend and enhance reporting on all system objects with unlimited custom fields with up to ten different data types
    • Shift differential and bonus pay time tracking
      FLSA requires tracking non-overtime premium payments including shift differentials and premiums paid for hazardous, arduous or dirty  work
    • Regular rate of pay calculations
      Regular rate of pay calculations can be based upon hourly rates, salary, commission, piece work and a piece rates
    • Locale support: 75+ locales
      Time, date, number formats for timesheets for more than 75 locales worldwide
    • Foreign Language support
      French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other language support
    • Payroll integrations
      Support integration with 250 + payrolls
    • Accounting integrations
      Support virtually any accounting system integration
    • Configurable export utility
      Can create custom exports
    • Web services: REST/SOAP
      Web services can provide scheduled or real time data synchronization between systems
    • Synchronize employee data
      Synchronize Pacific Timesheet with HR systems such as Abra
    • Synchronize project/job data
      Synchronize Pacific Timesheet with accounting and project/resource management systems
    • Import/export utilities
      Easily setup, add new records and update existing records for all objects in the system
    • Cost codes
      Track cost codes on jobs by employee
    • Task codes
      Track task codes by project, employee, client, phase and portfolio
    • Multiple billing rates & rules
      Cost jobs/tasks/projects using custom billing rules/policies
    • Multiple pay rates & rules
      Pay jobs/tasks/projects using custom pay rules/policies
    • Job cost reporting
      Extensive and customizable job costing reports
    • Employee reminder notifications
      Remind employees to complete timesheets
    • Supervisor reminder notifications
    • Late notices
      Late notices sent to employees late in submitting and supervisors late in approving timesheets
    • New time off request notices
      Approver notification of new pending time off request requiring their approval or rejection
    • Timesheet rejection notices
      Email notification contains system link and key information
    • Policy or rule violation notices
      Messages embedded in the timesheet or system page
    • Custom rules validation
      Validate timesheet data entry rules upon submission or save
    • Multiple pay rates & rules
      Pay jobs/tasks/projects using custom pay rules/policies
    • Multiple billing rates & rules
      Cost jobs/tasks/projects using custom billing rules/policies
    • Unlimited policies and rules
      Pacific Timesheet policy and rules engine allows technical services to deliver any custom rule
    • Schedule rules
      Enforce scheduled hours
    • Shift differential rules
      FLSA compliant shift differential rules support. Regular rate of pay overtime calculations
    • Balance and accrual policies
      Enforce balance minimums and accrue different balances using different accrual formulas
    • Balance rollover policies
      For different employee types, designate custom rollover rules and policies for different balances
    • Overtime rules
      Supports all overtime rules including California overtime. Daily rules, period rules
    • Time entry rules
      Enforce minimum and maximum time entry rules
    • Flex time rules and policies
      Enforce flex time accrual and usage rules
    • Active user licensing
      A user license covers an active timesheet and/or system login
    • Software as a service
      Online ASP Services are priced as a per user per month fee
    • Software purchase
      Software purchase is of a one-time perpetual user license fee
    • Software leasing
      An annual leasing fee is paid for the license to host the software
    • Project management dashboard
      Project manager dashboard allows manager to see and manage all key aspects of a project from one screen
    • Percent complete
      Calculates the percentage of work item completion real time
    • Project status tracking
      Project manager's status of the project
    • Request management
      Users can request proposed projects to be approved and budgeted
    • Work breakdown structure
      Define different levels to any portfolio or project system wide
    • Portfolio management
      Use the WBS to manage project portfolios
    • Client portfolio management
      Use the WBS to manage client portfolios
    • Reporting templates
      Use preconfigured reporting templates to run summary and details reports on major system objects
    • Reporting filters
      After running any report, filters allow you to dynamically focus on various data subsets
    • Track login IP address
      Track the login IP address of all users
    • System admin auditing
      DCAA compliant tracking of all system administrative changes
    • Login audit trail
      Easily access user login activity
    • Customizing reports
      Use preconfigured reporting templates to create custom reports on the fly
    • Billing reports
      Billing rate and billing amounts by employee, project, customer, or any other system field
    • Job cost reports
      Job or cost code rate and billing amounts by employee, project, customer, or any other system field
    • Overtime reports
      Overtime reports by employee, group, employee status or other variables
    • Employee details reports
      List report, that can be customized, that shows detailed employee profile data
    • Attendance reports
      Reports on daily attendance, and punch board report
    • Summary reports
      Summary reports that summarize detailed data for system data
    • Details reports
      Details reports that show every detail of transactions
    • Publish reports
      Publish custom reports and distribute them to managers or other users
    • Configurable date ranges
      Preconfigure date ranges
    • Custom date ranges
      Customize the date range for any report
    • Employee/resource scheduling
      Schedule time off and work hours
    • Skills reports for assignment
      Custom skills matrix reports
    • Shift schedules and shift differentials
      Create shifts for any work schedule including "weekend shifts" or "holiday shifts". Track start times, finish times and hours for an unlimited  number of shifts
    • Shift premium tracking
      Pay employees by a shift premium set as a percentage or currency amount
    • FLSA Regular rate of pay calculations for overtime
      Use regular rate of pay calculations to properly calculate overtime pay
    • Account security
      Strong password support and account security ensure that only authorized users access the system
    • Permissions security
      Roles-based security allows you to create custom permission levels to control access to various system areas
    • LDAP support
      Single sign on support using LDAP standards
    • Active Directory support
      Single sign on support using Active Directory
    • Single Sign On
      Support for third party single sign on (SSO) such as SiteMinder and OpenID
    • Payroll timesheets
      For exempt, non-exempt employees, or other employee types such as contractors
    • Project timesheets
      Timesheet templates that track all hours and details by work item
    • Job timesheets
      Timesheet templates that track all hours and details by job and/or cost code
    • Project and attendance
      An attendance widget for project-oriented workers to track in/out times
    • Time and attendance
      Punch in/out , Clock in/out interface that capture punches real time
    • Time entry details
      Unlimited number of time entry details can be captured in each hours entry
    • Timesheet comments
      Global timesheet comments on the entire time period
    • Timesheet templates (unlimited)
      You can create unlimited number of completely customizable timesheet templates
    • Percent time entry template
      Used by exempt employees in research and development organizations or internal resource unit employees
    • Time off requests
      Employees can request any type of leave
    • Time off tracking
      Employee record time off taken on timesheets
    • Time off balances (unlimited)
      You can have an unlimited number of time off balances
    • Unlimited pay codes
      You can have an unlimited number of completely configurable pay codes
    • Pay code permissions
      You can assign pay codes to different sets of employees
    • Comp time
      Setup and manage comp time banks and rules
    • Flex time banks
      Setup and manage flex time banks and rules
    • FMLA support
      Setup and manage FMLA policies and rules
    • Leave accruals
      You can enable accruals for an unlimited number of balances
    • Balance and accrual policies
      Enforce balance minimums and accrue different balances using different accrual formulas
    • Balance rollover policies
      For different employee types, designate custom rollover rules and policies for different balances
  • Weekly timesheet, weekly time period
    Multiple weekly time periods in the same system with any start day Monday through Sunday
  • Biweekly timesheet, biweekly time period
    Multiple biweekly time periods in the same system with any start date
  • Semi-monthly or semimonthly time period
    Semi-monthly time periods with any start dates for each month such the 1st and 15th of each month
  • Monthly time period
    Monthly time periods in the same system
  • Quad weekly time period
    Quad weekly time periods or four week time periods that function like a double biweekly time period
  • Custom time period or irregular time period
    Custom time periods that can be configured for any custom date range. Custom time period configurator allows you to schedule time periods  for years in advance