Timesheet Software Features

What features do you need?

Pacific Timesheet offers more than 500 features to help you automate and streamline your timesheets, forms, expense, asset and documentation tracking.

    • Automated approvals workflow that allows employees and resources to submit detailed timesheets and time tracking data to multiple approvers. System users can track the approval process at  every  stage
    • Approval  dashboards:
      Approvers can configure their own approval dashboard views of timesheet data for their approvals
    • Multiple  approvals:
      The system allows many approval levels, each configured within the employee's profile
    • Backup  approvals:
      Each approval level has backup approvers who can step in any time to approve for an approver
    • Payroll  manager approvals:
      Payroll managers can have a payroll approval that tags timesheets as payroll exported or paid
    • Billing  manager approvals:
      Billing managers can have a billing approval that tags timesheets as billing exported or billed
    • Supervisor  approvals:
      Supervisor approvals allow for direct reports to be accountable to their supervisors on time worked, time off requested and taken
    • Timesheet  rejections/comments:
      Approvers can reject any timesheet time entry with detailed rejections comments or instructions
    • Time off  rejections/comments:
      Approvers can reject any leave request with detailed rejection comments or instructions
    • Summary  approvals:
      Allows approvers to approve or reject timesheets at the summary level based upon summary information such as total hours or leave
    • Details  approvals:
      Approvers can make detailed partial approvals on timesheet line items
    • Employee  timesheet status:
      Employees can check the status of a timesheet real time by clicking on the status link
    • Timesheet  status reports:
      A report generated from approval dashboards that shows the details of timesheets filtered by time period, status and approval level
    • Multiple  billing rates/rules:
      Apply billing rates and rules by project, employee or other system objects
    • Billing  amounts:
      Calculate billing amounts using customized billing rules
    • DCAA  compliant:
      DCAA compliance features includes extensive auditing of system administrative changes, approvals and rejections, timesheet corrections and other features
    • J2EE  compliant:
      J2EE compliance means that Pacific Timesheet runs on any operating system and middleware
    • W3C  compliant:
      W3C compliance means that Pacific Timesheet uses standards-based HTTP, HTML, XML and CSS, allowing it to operate in all compliant web browsers
    • SQL  compliant:
      Supports SQL 2003-compliant DBMSs, including MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
    • Browser-based  web portal:
      Supports any browser: IE, Firefox, Safari and others
    • PDA/cell phone  data entry:
      Supports all major form factors
    • Time clocks  (Networked and Wireless):
      Supports a variety of networked, wireless and IP addressable time clock devices: biometric, proximity, badge swipe, PIN entry
    • IVR  (Interactive Voice Response):
      Employees call in time to 800 numbers. Largest IVR data centers in North America
    • Punch in/out  crews:
      Handheld crew time keeping interface
    • Submission  certification:
      Require browser users to certify that their timesheet information is true and correct
    • Forgot  password handling:
      Employees can request a new password automatically, for improved employee self-service
    • Multiple  timesheet views:
      Users have week views, day views, summary views and other views of timesheets
    • Show/hide  totals:
      Show/hide totals to save screen space
    • Show/hide  object data:
      Object profiles can store and show/hide extensive profile data
    • Terminology  configurable:
      Customize key system terminology to match your organization's terminology
    • Easy  installation:
      Software installs in four minutes
    • Support any  operating system:
      All major operating systems supported, including Windows Server, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OSX and others:
    • Lookup/search  utilities:
      Find any profile or data using keyword and data search tools
    • Unlimited  employee types:
      Customizable for payroll, policies and rules configuration
    •   Submission/approval workflow:
      Customize multiple approvals levels plus backup approvers
    • Unlimited  custom fields:
      Extend employee profile data with more than ten data types
    • Effective  dates:
      First day and last day restrict employee access to timesheets
    • Multiple  locale support:
      Support for more than 75 locales can be configured by employee, with translations for French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages
    • One stop  profile management:
      Can manage all key employee data from profile including balances
    • Custom system  objects:
      Extend the system with custom objects
    • Brand system  with logo:
      Private label the system with your company logo
    • Unlimited  custom fields:
      Customize, extend and enhance reporting on all system objects with unlimited custom fields with up to ten different data types
    • Shift  differential and bonus pay time tracking:
      FLSA requires tracking non-overtime premium payments including shift differentials and premiums paid for hazardous, arduous or dirty  work
    • Regular rate  of pay calculations:
      Regular rate of pay calculations can be based upon hourly rates, salary, commission, piece work and a piece rates
    • Locale  support: 75+ locales:
      Time, date, number formats for timesheets for more than 75 locales worldwide
    • Foreign  Language support:
      French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other language support
    • Payroll  integrations:
      Support integration with 250 + payrolls
    • Accounting  integrations:
      Support virtually any accounting system integration
    • Configurable  export utility:
      Can create custom exports
    • Web services:  REST/SOAP:
      Web services can provide scheduled or real time data synchronization between systems
    • Synchronize  employee data:
      Synchronize Pacific Timesheet with HR systems such as Abra
    • Synchronize  project/job data:
      Synchronize Pacific Timesheet with accounting and project/resource management systems
    • Import/export  utilities:
      Easily setup, add new records and update existing records for all objects in the system
    • Cost codes:
      Track cost codes on jobs by employee
    • Task codes:
      Track task codes by project, employee, client, phase and portfolio
    • Multiple  billing rates & rules:
      Cost jobs/tasks/projects using custom billing rules/policies
    • Multiple pay  rates & rules:
      Pay jobs/tasks/projects using custom pay rules/policies
    • Job cost  reporting:
      Extensive and customizable job costing reports
    • Employee  reminder notifications:
      Remind employees to complete timesheets
    • Supervisor  reminder notifications:
    • Late  notices:
      Late notices sent to employees late in submitting and supervisors late in approving timesheets
    • New time off  request notices:
      Approver notification of new pending time off request requiring their approval or rejection
    • Timesheet  rejection notices:
      Email notification contains system link and key information
    • Policy or rule  violation notices:
      Messages embedded in the timesheet or system page
    • Custom rules  validation:
      Validate timesheet data entry rules upon submission or save
    • Multiple pay  rates & rules:
      Pay jobs/tasks/projects using custom pay rules/policies
    • Multiple  billing rates & rules:
      Cost jobs/tasks/projects using custom billing rules/policies
    • Unlimited  policies and rules:
      Pacific Timesheet policy and rules engine allows technical services to deliver any custom rule
    • Schedule  rules:
      Enforce scheduled hours
    • Shift  differential rules:
      FLSA compliant shift differential rules support. Regular rate of pay overtime calculations
    • Balance and  accrual policies:
      Enforce balance minimums and accrue different balances using different accrual formulas
    • Balance  rollover policies:
      For different employee types, designate custom rollover rules and policies for different balances
    • Overtime  rules:
      Supports all overtime rules including California overtime. Daily rules, period rules
    • Time entry  rules:
      Enforce minimum and maximum time entry rules
    • Flex time  rules and policies:
      Enforce flex time accrual and usage rules
    • Active user  licensing:
      A user license covers an active timesheet and/or system login
    • Software as a  service:
      Online ASP Services are priced as a per user per month fee
    • Software  purchase:
      Software purchase is of a one-time perpetual user license fee
    • Software  leasing:
      An annual leasing fee is paid for the license to host the software
    • Project  management dashboard:
      Project manager dashboard allows manager to see and manage all key aspects of a project from one screen
    • Percent  complete:
      Calculates the percentage of work item completion real time
    • Project status  tracking:
      Project manager's status of the project
    • Request  management:
      Users can request proposed projects to be approved and budgeted
    • Work breakdown  structure:
      Define different levels to any portfolio or project system wide
    • Portfolio  management:
      Use the WBS to manage project portfolios
    • Client  portfolio management:
      Use the WBS to manage client portfolios
    • Reporting  templates:
      Use preconfigured reporting templates to run summary and details reports on major system objects
    • Reporting  filters:
      After running any report, filters allow you to dynamically focus on various data subsets
    • Track login IP  address:
      Track the login IP address of all users
    • System admin  auditing:
      DCAA compliant tracking of all system administrative changes
    • Login audit  trail:
      Easily access user login activity
    • Customizing  reports:
      Use preconfigured reporting templates to create custom reports on the fly
    • Billing  reports:
      Billing rate and billing amounts by employee, project, customer, or any other system field
    • Job cost  reports:
      Job or cost code rate and billing amounts by employee, project, customer, or any other system field
    • Overtime  reports:
      Overtime reports by employee, group, employee status or other variables
    • Employee  details reports:
      List report, that can be customized, that shows detailed employee profile data
    • Attendance  reports:
      Reports on daily attendance, and punch board report
    • Summary  reports:
      Summary reports that summarize detailed data for system data
    • Details  reports:
      Details reports that show every detail of transactions
    • Publish  reports:
      Publish custom reports and distribute them to managers or other users
    • Configurable  date ranges:
      Preconfigure date ranges
    • Custom date  ranges:
      Customize the date range for any report
    •   Employee/resource scheduling:
      Schedule time off and work hours
    • Skills reports  for assignment:
      Custom skills matrix reports
    • Shift  schedules and shift differentials:
      Create shifts for any work schedule including "weekend shifts" or "holiday shifts". Track start times, finish times and hours for an unlimited  number of shifts
    • Shift premium  tracking:
      Pay employees by a shift premium set as a percentage or currency amount
    • FLSA Regular  rate of pay calculations for overtime:
      Use regular rate of pay calculations to properly calculate overtime pay
    • Account  security:
      Strong password support and account security ensure that only authorized users access the system
    • Permissions  security:
      Roles-based security allows you to create custom permission levels to control access to various system areas
    • LDAP  support:
      Single sign on support using LDAP standards
    • Active  Directory support:
      Single sign on support using Active Directory
    • Single Sign  On:
      Support for third party single sign on (SSO) such as SiteMinder and OpenID
    • Payroll  timesheets:
      For exempt, non-exempt employees, or other employee types such as contractors
    • Project  timesheets:
      Timesheet templates that track all hours and details by work item
    • Job  timesheets:
      Timesheet templates that track all hours and details by job and/or cost code
    • Project and  attendance:
      An attendance widget for project-oriented workers to track in/out times
    • Time and  attendance:
      Punch in/out , Clock in/out interface that capture punches real time
    • Time entry  details:
      Unlimited number of time entry details can be captured in each hours entry
    • Timesheet  comments:
      Global timesheet comments on the entire time period
    • Timesheet  templates (unlimited):
      You can create unlimited number of completely customizable timesheet templates
    • Percent time  entry template:
      Used by exempt employees in research and development organizations or internal resource unit employees
    • Time off  requests:
      Employees can request any type of leave
    • Time off  tracking:
      Employee record time off taken on timesheets
    • Time off  balances (unlimited):
      You can have an unlimited number of time off balances
    • Unlimited pay  codes:
      You can have an unlimited number of completely configurable pay codes
    • Pay code  permissions:
      You can assign pay codes to different sets of employees
    • Comp time:
      Setup and manage comp time banks and rules
    • Flex time  banks:
      Setup and manage flex time banks and rules
    • FMLA  support:
      Setup and manage FMLA policies and rules
    • Leave  accruals:
      You can enable accruals for an unlimited number of balances
    • Balance and  accrual policies:
      Enforce balance minimums and accrue different balances using different accrual formulas
    • Balance  rollover policies:
      For different employee types, designate custom rollover rules and policies for different balances
  • Weekly  timesheet, weekly time period:
    Multiple weekly time periods in the same system with any start day Monday through Sunday
  • Biweekly  timesheet, biweekly time period:
    Multiple biweekly time periods in the same system with any start date
  • Semi-monthly  or semimonthly time period:
    Semi-monthly time periods with any start dates for each month such the 1st and 15th of each month
  • Monthly time  period:
    Monthly time periods in the same system
  • Quad weekly  time period:
    Quad weekly time periods or four week time periods that function like a double biweekly time period
  • Custom time  period or irregular time period:
    Custom time periods that can be configured for any custom date range. Custom time period configurator allows you to schedule time periods  for years in advance