Project Time & Expense ManagementComprehensive Project Management

Project assignments to employees and departments, project/task restrictions, reusable tasks, project templates and extensive custom fields are just the beginning of what you can do with Pacific Timesheet. Project timesheets and expense tracking allow to keep every project on time and under budget!

Assign the right resources

Assign the exact department or employee resources you need to your projects. Manage resource groups to simplify assignments.

Reuse project templates

Reuse project templates and quickly scope new projects. With one click, clone an existing model project and copy all of its tasks and milestones.

Make System Your Own

Create an unlimited number of custom fields and bend Pacific Timesheet to your project universe. Create & track the project properties you need.

Project Management

Manage your projects by setting task milestones and deadlines. Monitor progress on project management dashboards. Track progress in days or hours. Distribute project access project managers and appropriate project team members.

E-Book: Project Time & Expense for Billing


Define project milestones

Setup and manage project dashboards with defined phases and tasks, planned work, start and finish dates and other required fields. Manage dashboard layouts. 

Track project progress

Estimated hours to complete, percent complete, budget vs. actual costs, and planned vs. actual dates. Track progress in hours or days. Dashboards automatically refresh data. 

Task status

Monitor task status from not started, to completed or stalled, to custom status items. Report on task status to identify project bottlenecks, reassign resources or reset project goals and milestones.

Documentation and Reporting

Project Reports, Sharing & Collaboration

Collaboration tools allow project teams to stay in sync every step of the way. Pacific Timesheet allows project teams to store and share key documents, monitor progress, post project ideas, comments, issues and more. Security permissions allow flexible dashboard reports to show important project summary and details data with one click. 

Project reports

Create and publish report for project managers and team members. Standard reports give one click access to project, phase and task data, progress and deadlines.

Project activity feed

Project team members can post and monitor the latest comments, notes and ideas in project activity feeds. Search and sort feed items by date, author, types and more.

Share key documents

Post, update and share any project documents with project team members and decision makers. Sort and categorize documents by topic and type for ease of use later on.

Mobile Project Time and Expenses: Capture, approve, synchronize

Pacific Timesheet allows you to capture project time, expense and details on any mobile or tablet device, approve or reject project-task entries with correction notes, and integrates with all major payroll, accounting and ERP systems such as JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle & others.

Project tracking on the go.

Mobile project timesheet

Pacific Time, a leading project time and expense IOS and Android app, runs on any mobile or tablet device, anywhere anytime. Pacific Time project time and expense tracking features are mobile-ready and mobile-optimized. 

Project time approvals

Separate project manager approvals allow complete visibility and control of project hours expended by team members. Automated notices ensure project time is submitted and approved on time.

Synchronize everything

Key to project management is updating project data and assignments, and syncing these updates with project teams. Pacific Timesheet allows you to automatically synchronize employee, project profile data, and task assignments.


We had a hard time figuring out if our client projects were profitable. Now we can and it's improved our business significantly.close-quote-orange



Resource Allocation, Billings, Costs & ProfitsCosts & FTE Hours 

Pacific Timesheet gives you resource allocation analysis tools, extensive FTE and project hours analytics, and flexible pay and bill rate options. Plan your projects and clearly understand project profitability.

FTE & project hours analytics

Analyze resource allocation and utilization by hours and FTE to projects and cost centers. Track using daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly time periods. Uncover available resources and project resource patterns.

Bill & Cost rate options

Bill and cost rates can vary by employee, client, project, task, role or more. The result: project billings and costs at your fingertips, early warning of project cost overruns, and preventing problems before they happen.

Profitability Analysis

Pacific Timesheet gives you real-time access to bottom line profitability data any way you need it. Profitability by project, phase, task, cost center, or client. You name it and our profitability reporting and analytics can provide it. 

Project Accounting & BillingIntegrate with accounting and billing systems.

Successful project time tracking and management means painless and seamless feeds to your project accounting, billing and payroll. Without errors on time every time. Pacific Timesheet provides a series of data quality checks:
  • Advanced data entry validation rules
  • Automatic activation and inactivation features
  • Project manager and final administrative approvals and rejections ensure the utmost in data integrity.
  • All project time and expense data is integrated with any accounting, billing or payroll system, the way you need.

It adds up.

Pacific Timesheet is the smartest, most flexible & fast project time and expense tracking solution available.