Project Time Tracking Solutions Project Time Tracking

Pacific Timesheet provides highly customizable easy-to-use project time tracking solutions for today's demanding research and development organizations. Automating time capture for engineering projects is the first step to truly understanding costs for development, ongoing maintenance, technical services and support. 

  1. Track a variety of short and long-term projects at varying stages of development.
  2. Track engineering and other resource utilization and costs across many cost centers and resource groups.
  3. Quick and easy data entry.
  4. Reminders and notifications to ensure user compliance.
  5. Custom reporting to monitor costs and allocations over any time period.
  6. API and Integration options with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and other ERP systems.

The Solution is Simple

Pacific Timesheet provides extensive user-facing features that make tracking time simple and easy. Validation rules guide the user to make correct timesheet submissions that in turn ease the burden of a supervisor's approval duties. The system is intuitive and requires little training.

Major Solutions

Pacific Timesheet Research and Development solutions automate all aspects of employee time, work and asset tracking - from data capture, approvals workflow, validation and rules processing, and data integration with third party systems.

Key Features

  • All data capture options supported: web-based access, smartphones, wireless and networked time clocks, and interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Percent timesheet that allows busy engineers to enter weekly percent time allocations.
  • Project job costing and simple attendance combination timesheet to track project and attendance time for IT and technical contractors.
  • Unlimited custom fields for timesheet data capture, projects, activities or tasks.
  • Multiple billing rate options allow rates to be assigned by multiple billing/costing criteria.
  • Time capture workflow ensures timely processing of project time data by using multiple approvals, backup approvals, reminders and notifications, and escalations to backup approvers.

  • Project management dashboard is a quick easy tool to monitor project progress at every milestone. The dashboard provides estimated hours to complete, project and task completion status tracking, quickviews of planned vs. actual hours and start and finish dates.
  • Custom reporting on any employee, resource groups, project, task or other data at a detail or summary level.
  • No Thin Client Installation - 100% Web Based
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) option allows for rapid launch and automatic system maintenance.
  • Self-hosted software runs on any operating system, database or middleware.
  • All browsers are supported including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.