User Interfaces

Mobile/tablet, bar code scanners, time clocks, browsers, IVR/Phone and more. 



Tablet and Mobile Apps 

Connect using apps for any tablet or smartphone:

Bar Code Scanning Timesheet

Use bar code scanners to track start and finish times using with various use cases:

  • Manufacturing Operations solutions to track job / phase / cost code in manufacturing operations with assembly or sub-assembly work
  • Equipment/Asset Tracking solutions to track hours and other data by machines, equipment or other assets.
  • Location Based solutions to track work by location and other codes

Web-based ime Clocks

Connect using any type of web-based time clock:

  • Biometric time clocks
  • Proximity time clocks
  • PIN entry time clocks
  • CMOS photo capture, video server

Applications for Any Browser

Extensive administrative and manager interfaces using any major browser:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari


Connect using any phone or cell phone:

  • Employee Clock Ins and Clock Outs
  • Customer IDs
  • Job tracking
  • Caller ID, GPS data