Web-Based Means Real Time Staffing Solutions

Whether you are an established player or a smaller firm with big plans, late or lost timesheets, busy fax machines, slow billing and getting payroll in just under the wire is not way to run a staffing firm anymore. 100% enterprise class timesheets give you: real time visibility into contractor time and billings, and no more faxed, late or lost timesheets!


Remote access & real time reporting

Remote access from anywhere anytime by contractors for entering time, client managers for approvals, you for real time reporting:

Targeted and customized reporting.

  • Integrate with any payroll and accounting system
  • Comprehensive commission tracking and reporting
  • Permanent placement billing and commission support

Major Solutions

Pacific Timesheet Staffing solutions automates all aspects of contractor and employee time, work and asset tracking - from data capture, approvals, validation and rules processing, and data integration with your third party systems.