Everything in one systemReduce paperwork with one system.

In government contracting, reducing paperwork is important, but it has to been done the right way. Pacific Timesheet allows customers to track time and work data for payroll and projects in one system. You can schedule and track employee time off and manage time off accruals. The one-system approach has significant advantages: 1) approvals for attendance, payroll, time off, and projects are done in one place 2) managers can monitor all time and work in one place 3) profitability reporting by project, activity or task across can be done across the entire company 4) synchronizing time and work data with payroll, accounting and billing system avoids double data entry and reduces errors 5) where corrections are needed, a simple adjustments interface allows for quick and easy changes and automatic updates flow through to other systems.

Major Solutions

Pacific Timesheet Government solutions automates all aspects of employee time, work and asset tracking - from data capture, approvals workflow, validation and rules processing and data integration with third party systems.

Additional Benefits

Sync payroll and billing cycles

Eliminate the challenge of managing separate pay and billing cycles with Pacific Timesheet, which supports both in one system. For example, two semi-monthly pay periods can be used with monthly billings.

Job costing and billing

Understanding and being able to report on your costs and profitability are critical for government contracting. Billing and pay rate options allow you to assign multiple pay and bill rates for different projects or tasks. 

Holiday schedules

Once you set holiday schedules they are implemented on calendars and timesheets automatically.

Time off request management

Automating time off requests allows you to know the availability of your employee resources for future projects. Time off approval dashboards make it easy for approvers to see where requests overlap or might strain resources needed to meet project work levels during summer months or holiday seasons.

Custom reporting

Custom reporting and business intelligence allows you to create and support any analytics you need. Our custom reporting module run custom reports on any data in any format.

Are you stuck?

Read the article:"Why is automating the paper timesheet so hard?" and learn how to get started automating paper or Excel timesheets for government contracting.