Training and education services to improve performance.

Smart organizations already know about the importance of end user acceptance for any system launch. Or maybe you have new hires that need to quickly get up to speed on your time tracking processes. Pacific Timesheet has the courses, both on site and remote, live and pre-recorded to fit your needs. What are the right courses and correct mix of training and education? Pacific Timesheet can design recommendations based upon a detailed evaluation of your organization’s stage of development and experience with time tracking, whether it be for payroll, projects, job costing or attendance.

Training and Education Services

What are your organization's timesheet software training and education needs?

Pacific Timesheet designs customized cost-effective training and education programs and delivers them fast. First, we work with you to define your training and education requirements in-depth. Second, we develop a detailed training plan and the programs necessary for a smooth rollout and the highest levels of application adoption. Third, we work with you to monitor results. And fourth, we work with you to leverage and maintain your Pacific Timesheet training resources for on boarding new employees and easing the transition of existing employees when they change roles within your organization.

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Learn more about our role and permission-based training.

Map time, expense, work, asset and documentation tracking skills development by organizational role. Use a combination of trainings for key employees to ensure rapid system acceptance and compliance: primary and secondary admin training, supervisor training, project manager training, portfolio manager training, payroll manager training, and custom reporting manager training. All courses can be designed by subject experts and delivered online or in person in your facilities.

Custom training services

With all of our training services, we can always provide customized training to address specific needs. These can include training users to use a customized system setup, language and terminology, custom interfaces, workflows, policies or rules. We also provide custom train-the-trainer course development and delivery.