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Pacific Timesheet is for larger companies with multiple divisions that need to do things their way. With Pacific Timesheet, you'll have the most flexible system templates and forms available, and you can match the system to your crew timesheets, tracking sheets and logs. Use your terminology. Use your workflow. And do it all quickly and cost-effectively. 

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Pacific Timesheet is accessible by any smartphone or tablet (even a Kindle) ...track, submit and approve employee hours, expense, asset and documentation data anywhere, anytime. Data are recorded in real time.close-quote-orange.png

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Turbocharge crew tracking and management

You've been searching for the right construction and crew management solution. So you can manage crews exactly the way you want. Improve your processes easily and quickly. 
Customize and extend your forms, sheets, workflows and security the way you need. Pacific Timesheet's construction and crew management software can do more than you'd expect, and surprisingly fast. 



Match crew timesheets & forms exactly

You want to automate your crew tracking and management. But moving to mobile devices and Apps seems challenging. Pacific Timesheet removes the headaches and risks of process automation. By quickly matching exactly your layouts and terminology, you can rapidly improve upon what you have. Start a free trial and see how we can match your timesheets, forms and business processes.

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Multiple divisions in one system

Pacific Timesheet can support many divisions in one system: commercial buildings, pipelines, highways and roads, excavation, demolition, civil projects like bridges and tunnels. Automating time, expense, asset and log tracking will fail out of the gate if you try to harmonize everyone onto one set of electronic forms. A successful system must be able to support multiple data entry screens, forms and sheets for your diverse businesses. Start a free trial and see how to support multiple divisions.  




Enterprise crew management and timesheets

Crew time tracking often has to suit the needs the job, especially if the client reviews or approves crew sheets. Pacific Timesheet allows you include or exclude any types of data in your crew timesheets. Include production tracking and per diem for some jobs. Include detailed employee expense items like parking and meals for others. By customizing crew tracking you can get rid of the clutter of one-size-fits-all forms and sheets. See how to support including/excluding data types from forms and sheets.

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Advanced data field-level security

For larger systems, you might need to advanced security permissions for different system roles. With Pacific Timesheet you can show, hide, allow editing, make read-only, require or not require fields in any way you need. You can create comprehensive records of activities with a limited number of forms and sheets. See how to use data field-level security to support additive data capture. 


Extensive Features

Employee Time and Labor

Track employee time by job, cost code, equipment, W/C codes, location, client or anything you need. Auto-populate employee billing codes or pay classes. Track work and leave hours, regular, overtime, double time, shift, or any kind of leave.

Equipment, Production & Materials

Track equipment by operator, idle time, and maintenance time. Or track equipment and fixed assets like trailors by crew. Track production, materials and inventory using any unit of measure by job and cost code. 

Field Documentation & Logs

Track field documentation like daily foremen logs, safety checks, morning huddles, work plans, incident reports and more. Logs and reports are completely customizable: required fields, data-field-level security give you total control over entries, submittions and approvals.

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Timesheets Approvals

Crew Timesheet Approvals

Pacific Timesheet lets you have supervisor, project manager or client approvals using any workflow. Get rid of faxed paper timesheets, or the cost of fedexing timesheets. With all approvals done remotely online or offline, you can have a state-of-the-art approvals and corrections process. 

Approve anything at any interval

Daily approvals and weekly approvals of time, expenses, assets, and logs give you the controls, oversight and visibility you need to keep jobs on track. Project manager approval dashboards, and separate asset and log approval dashboards make it easier for project managers to monitor their jobs across many crews.

Multiple approvals

You can setup any of four approval levels  –– supervisor, superintendent, project manager, client approvers. And you can have multiple backup approvers at each level. Approvers can also be setup with customized security permissions that grant additional permissions like editing and submitting timesheets.

Automated notices

Email reminders, approval and rejection notices with detailed comments and instructions, ensure that timesheets are accurate and on time every time. Individual employees with their own time and expense sheets, who also can have reminders and notices, can be rolled up into crew timesheets automatically.

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Equipment Tracking Dashboard 

Equipment Tracking Options

Whether it's heavy, civil, highway and road construction, commercial buildings, field services or residential jobs, Pacific Timesheet can track equipment in a variety of ways. You can track equipment by operator, crew, and for maintenance and repairs.


Equipment + operator hours

Track equipment hours and operator labor hours simultaneously on the same crew by Job and Cost Code. Simple data entry, clear totals make it easy. You can also easily add entries to track operator hours when they are not operating equipment. 

Track equipment by crew

We offer several ways to track equipment hours by crew with no specified operator. You can setup equipment as a resource type, or as a separate asset,  to track hours, costs, billings and other details.

Equipment/operator tracking

Simplify crew timesheets even more by tracking operator and equipment hours in separate buckets. Match ERP system data mapping with separate labor and equipment hours data fields.  

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Construction Field Documentation

field-documentation-2Field Documentation
Pacific Timesheet allows you to automate your field documentation online and offline. Select individual modules, or with our enterprise version have comprehensive record keeping of morning huddles, safety checks, work plans, incident and accident reports, onsite contractors, and more. 

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Construction System Integration

Pacific Timesheet integrates with all major construction and field services accounting, payroll and ERP systems such as JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, Viewpoint, Timberline, American Contractor & others.


Integrate all your systems. 

Employee & Asset Data

Onboard new employees from your accounting/payroll ERP system so their data populates automatically into Pacific Timesheet nightly, hourly or on whatever schedule you want. Upload and update jobs, cost codes, equipment, materials data the same way.

Crew Assignments

Have third party crew assignments sync automatically with Pacific Timesheet. Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen and Crew Leads can start their day with resources automatically populated in their crew timesheets.

Integrate Labor & Asset Data 

Electonically integrate labor hours, equipment hours, expense and materials data with your payroll and accounting systems daily or weekly. Pacific Timesheet can match any third party data integration requirements flexibly and quickly.

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Construction +


Pacific Timesheet gives you even more, from multiple data capture options to any kind of systems integration.


iOS and Android Tablets and Smartphones allow users to capture data in the field, and for you to see it in real time.



Integrated Construction Attendance Solutions to consolidate and compare attendance and gate log data with job hours.



Cloud-based Construction Time Tracking Workflows automate data capture, approvals and transmission to third party systems. 


It adds up.

Pacific Timesheet is smart, flexible and fast.