Construction Time & AttendanceIntegrated construction time & attendance tracking.

Integrating Gate Log & Jobs Hours Data.

A common challenge for construction and field services is reconciling construction attendance and crew timesheet data. Gate log data, time clock data and other "brass alley" attendance information is often captured in its own process or system. Crew timesheet job and cost code data is captured on paper, Excel sheets or electronically by supervisors and foremen. If your construction attendance and crew/employee timesheet data is difficult to join together, Pacific Timesheet has the integration solution.

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Benefits Of This Integration

A browser application interface is the gold standard in cross platform user interfaces for several reasons:
  • If you are manually consolidating paper or Excel tracking sheets, the cost of merging this data is costly. It can also be strewn with errors and be very slow.
  • The main need when reconciling attendance hours with hours broken down by WBS is speed. Same-day or real time access to employee attendance data is critical if it is to be an effective tool for managing employee attendance performance.
  • More important for construction and field services, same-day attendance data makes it easier for supervisors to more accurately allocate employee hours by job and cost code. If you are using software, you need an automated solution that pulls everything into one easy-to-use supervisor dashboard.