Integrating Legacy Time Clock Data
Integrating legacy time lock data.

Is there a way to keep what you have?

Yes, there is. You might have a large number of time clocks at many locations, and they work fine. You might have a home-grown system that collects project and hours data, and it's doing a good job. You might be consolidating this data into your own database and it's also working well. But your time and attendance software is not, or a software vendor has hit you with an upgrade or maintenance fee that is making you choke. Pacific Timesheet legacy integration solutions can help.

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Benefits Of This Integration

  • Supervisors can check attendance performance using tablets on the plant floor
  • Supervisors and foremen can check attendance in the field
  • Time clock data can be integrated with payroll

Case 1:

Large Installed Base of Time Clocks

Pacific Timesheet can integrate your time clock, gate log or access control data feeds into our system in real time. The benefits are many:




  • Multiple integration options:Multiple data format and web services integration options allow you to integrate your time clock data with Pacific Timesheet in one step.
  • Multiple sites supported: Our integration connectors and tools allow you to integrate multiple sites in near real time.
  • We can fill in holes: Pacific Timesheet can replace damaged time clocks with its own solutions, or install new time clocks in new facilities or locations

Case 2: Multiple Non-integrated Timesheet Software Systems

Pacific Timesheet can integrate many separate timesheet software systems into our system in real time. There are a few important reasons to do this:




  • Acquisition of new divisions: You might have acquired new divisions using time tracking software in office or plant locations that are working well.
  • Already Existing Systems: You might have a new directive from senior management to consolidate for reporting purposes data from many different systems into one integrated system.