Browsers Supported Supported Browsers

All major browsers supported over time. 

Pacific Timesheet is the industry leader in browser support for its timesheet systems, working flawlessly with both Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and more.  

Browser Interfaces: How They Work

A browser application interface is the gold standard in cross platform user interfaces for several reasons:
  1. They require no applets, Active-X or other plugins that require updating
  2. Cloud and server-side updates to the application are immediately ready for users
  3. There is never a need for updates to user PCs or other browser-based devices.
Pacific Timesheet's applications take full advantage of improved browser standards and enhancements over time.


Supported browser-based interfaces include:

  • Chrome, latest version
  • Microsoft Edge
  • IE, latest version
  • Safari, latest version
  • Firefox, latest version
  • Opera, latest version