Pacific Timesheet Legal Time and Work Tracking Solutions Legal Time Tracking

Pacific Timesheet Legal Time and Work Tracking Solutions allow law firms to track employee hours by client and matter anywhere any time. For law firms with remote offices and mobile attorneys, our browser-based time tracking platform can be accessed through a company time and work tracking portal or on smartphones. Centrally create and assign new inquiries, matters to attorneys and staff. Client time entries can be captured real time or later in editable timesheet templates. Custom reporting allows you to create publish key reports to attorneys and employees by role or practice.

Pacific Timesheet legal timesheet software allows:

  • Unlimited number of clients and matters
  • Web services or auto import integration with other third party databases
  • Extensive billing and pay rules
  • Integration with any payroll or accounting system
  • LDAP/Active Directory integration
  • Stop watch feature for attorneys time and billing capture
  • Attendance punch in/out interface for hourly workers
  • Extensive accruals and balance support
  • DCAA compliant/audit tracking
  • Login audit trails

Major Solutions

Pacific Timesheet Goverment solutions automates all aspects of employee time, work and asset tracking - from data capture, approvals workflow, validation and rules processing, and data integration with third party systems.

Additional Benefits

Sync client and matter data with third party systems

Update your timesheet system automatically with clients, matters, case data and more.

Multiple holiday schedules

Set holiday schedules and have them implemented on calendars and timesheets automatically.

Time off request management

Automate time off requests and approvals, validations, and notifications.

Custom reporting

Create customized reports on client and matters costs and billings by practice and more.

Are you stuck?

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