Comprehensive time off management Comprehensive Time Off Managemnt

Complete time off management solutions manage all aspects of employees' scheduled time off in several ways. Automated time off accruals add entitlements to various balances. Time is scheduled using an employee request and approval system. Automated multiple holiday schedules can be implemented for various employee types, divisions or country groups.  Easy-to-use self-service features allow employees to check their time off balances, schedules and the status of their requests anytime anywhere. 

Employee self-service portal

Do employees call you to ask how much vacation days they have left? Pacific Timesheet employee self-service gives them everything they need to make time off requests, get approvals, check their accruals leave taken and balance history. Most important, your phone won't ring anymore. 

Employee portal home page

Your employees can have everything about their time off at their fingertips. 1) Upcoming holidays 2) pending and approved time off  3) current time off balances 4) absence points balances 5) personal calendars. 

With one click

With one click an employee can 1) make a time off request 2)  drill into the details of any time off approvals 3) drill into the details of his time off balance history, and  4) drill into absence points details and history 

Employee Portal

Smart requests

A smart time off request is smart in three ways: 1) It allows employee to request time off they are entitled to have 2) It includes a dynamic time off balance and accrual rules forecast when forming the request 3) It validates the request for future time off against available time off balances.


Smart Request Forms

Request/approval messaging

With any time off request, an employee can include detailed messages about the reason for the request. When approving, approvers will include specific instruction messages on ways an employee can make sure his work is covered while he is on leave. When rejecting, approvers will provide a rejection reason.

Smart forecast

On the back-end, you might or might not be doing this manually. If you are, it's time-consuming and expensive to do. Pacific Timesheet smart forecast dynamically calculates a time off request's future available balance instantly. In a flash it runs accruals up to the request start date, then backs out future already approved leave. 

Request/approval validation 

Automated validation rules identify rules violations when time off requests are submitted. Employees are encouraged to try again using a different time off type with enough of a balance. Approvers time off approvals are always validated by the system. Complex re-validation rules ensure back-dated time off requests are validated and approved.

Ditch manual accrual calculations.

Accruals engine

Now you can get rid of the drudgery of manual accruals calculations. Pacific Timesheet can completely automate employee accruals no matter how complicated they are. Streamline complex years of service rules, accrual time periods, caps, rollovers and more. 

Complex years-of-service rules

So-called "years of service" rules allow for graduated accrual benefits over time. Set any ranges of employee tenure (e.g. 0 - 1, 1 - 5, 5 - 10, 10 - 15 years) and modify accruals, caps or rollovers at each specific years of service level.

Accrual rules for any time period

Pacific Timesheet can automate your accrual rules for any time period: calendar or fiscal years, employee anniversaries, monthly, quad-weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or even custom time periods.

Flexible rollover rules

At the end of rollover period, manually trimming balances to meet rollover rule conditions is an arduous task. With Pacific Timesheet you can completely automate rollover rules with no human intervention required. 

Workflow automation

Want a no-excuses time off management system that supervisors and employees not only use, but love? Pacific Timesheet time off workflows are easy to create and work like a charm. Employees and supervisors are prompted every step of the way to complete time off tasks on time every time.

Automated Workflow

Leave request notices

It all starts with a leave request notice in a supervisors inbox. From there automated reminders and late notices swing into action so that managers approve or reject time off requests on time. Approval and rejection notices go back to employees letting them know their final time off schedule. 

Automatic scheduling 

Scheduled holidays and approved leave can be automatically scheduled and pushed onto employee timesheets. Scheduled time off can be half days, full days, or in ranges of dates 

Backup approvers & escalations

When time off approvals are late, you can escalate the process by sending backup approvers late notices.

Learn about time off management best practices

Automated time off management software is a great way to save large dollars and an important step to reducing the risk of employee and government lawsuits.

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