Overtime & FLSA Compliance Tools

Overtime tracking software that automates overtime rules, approvals and audit tracking. 

It's easy to maintain overtime and FLSA compliance with Pacific Timesheet's overtime tracking software.   

Overtime Rules

  • Automate any overtime rules
  • Validate overtime hours
  • California/Union rules


  • Automate overtime records
  • Track approvals workflow
  • Detailed audit trail

Major solutions

Pacific Timesheet overtime software automates and tracks all employee time capture, overtime rules calculations, approvals, rejections, edits and adjustments. It gives you a powerful toolset including a detailed audit trail of the creation and editing of all time entries, adjustments and approvals. Never be caught short again by paper or Excel timesheets, inadequate home-grown or third party software.

Key features

Automated overtime tracking and audit tools can save significant dollars 1) by ensuring that employee overtime is calculated properly and paid on time, and 2) significantly limiting liability from employee overtime lawsuits that claim employees were shorted overtime pay.

With detailed audit tracking tools you can show definitively how employee overtime was calculated and that employee hours were recorded as submitted by the employee.


  • Multiple time capture methods
    Capturing time from the employee himself ensures a proven authenticated process.
  • Time entry audit tracking
    Track the creation, modification, submission, approval and rejection of all employee time entries.
  • Audit tracking reports
    Detailed audit trail reports show the entire timeline of employee hours entry, editing, submission and approval.
  • Audit tracking filters
    Audit reports with detailed filtering allows for easy access of any employee hours and overtime calculations.
  • Adjustments/corrections
    Highlighted adjustment/correction entries are DCAA compliant, automate the adjustment process for payroll, and provide a detailed audit trail.
  • Employee self-service
    Allows employees to review and submit their timesheets.
  • Supervisor Approvals/Rejections with Reasons
    Supervisor approvals or rejections with comments keep a permanent record of approval workflows.
  • Email notifications
    Remind employees and approvers of timesheet deadlines, send late notices, and escalate approvals to backup approvers.