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  • Time & expense management.
  • Advanced work schedules.
  • Time off management.
  • Track any assets,  production & logs.
  • Securely in the cloud, or on-premise
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Payroll Time & Expense

Construction Time Tracking


Time & Attendance 


Project Timesheets



Pacific Timesheet Customers

Any time and expense solutions

Project, payroll, expense, attendance, leave and absences
on one platform.


Project Timesheets

Flexible project timesheet templates, WBS, project time approvals, project management dashboards, billing & cost rules, cost & profit reporting & analytics.

Project timesheet solutions »


Payroll Timesheets

Any payroll timesheet template, overtime, accrual, comp time, or shift differential rules. Multiple approvals. Overtime hours & cost reports. Integrate with any payroll.

Payroll timesheet solutions »


Expense Tracking

Any expense sheet template, unlimited expense types, multi-currency, employee reimbursements, expense approvals, credit card data uploads, any integration.

Expense tracking solutions »


Time & Attendance

Capture attendance from any smart phones, tablets, PCs and IVR. Track absence points rules, advanced attendance dashboards, no and missing time reporting & analytics.

Time & attendance solutions »


Time Off Management

Employee self-service for time off requests, validations, approvals and rejections. Advanced accrual, cap & rollover rules. Multiple division & country holiday schedules.

Time off management solutions »


Absence Management

Absence points rules for schedule deviations & unscheduled absences. Rounding rules & overrides. Progressive discipline warnings & perfect attendance awards. 

Absence management solutions » 

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Any crew time and tracking solutions

Labor, expense, equipment, production, assets and log tracking
on one platform.


Crew Timesheets

Track crew attendance & job time, expenses, equipment, materials & field documentation. Multiple approvals & rejections. Job cost & profitability reporting, and data integration.

Crew timesheet solutions »


Equipment tracking

Track crew attendance & job time, expenses, equipment, materials & field documentation. Multiple approvals & rejections. Job cost & profitability reporting, and data integration.

Equipment tracking solutions »


Production tracking

Track crew attendance & job time, expenses, equipment, materials & field documentation. Multiple approvals & rejections. Job cost & profitability reporting, and data integration.

Production tracking »


Asset tracking

Track any assets including materials, supplies and tools. Categorize with standard or custom asset classes and customize asset tracking profiles with any properties.

Materials & asset tracking solutions »


Log tracking

Daily foreman logs, incident reports, accident reports, loss of damaged materials, on-site visitors, morning huddles, safety checks are some of the logs you can track. 

Field documentation solutions »


Offline Apps

iOS and Android Apps for mobile devices, tablets and coming later laptops and desktops. Track any data anywhere in remote offline locations. 

 Mobile devices and tablet apps »

40+ industry solutions

Construction, consulting, field services, government, higher education, manufacturing, maritime, not-for-profits, oil & gas, services & more.


Flexible crew and individual timesheets, equipment, materials, production, foreman logs and field documentation.

Construction solutions »

Time Tracking for Crews and Field Services

Field Services

Work order time tracking for field crews and employees, equipment, materials, locations. Integrate with any ERP.

Field services solutions »

Government Time Tracking


DCAA-compliant time tracking, time off, accruals, reports & analytics. Synchronize with any accounting and payroll systems.

Government solutions »

Manufacturing Time & Attendance Tracking


Time & attendance tracking, time clocks, absence points, time off, analytics, integration with any ERP system.

Manufacturing solutions »

Trak Non-Profit Time & Costs


Track program & grant time and costs. Multiple approvals, reports, integration with accounting & payroll systems.

Non-profit solutions »

Track Research & Development TIme and Projects

R & D Technical

Time tracking for research projects, multiple bill rates, project resource allocation analytics. ERP synchronization.

R & D Technical solutions »

Government Contracting Time Tracking

Gov't Contracting

DCAA-compliant project time tracking, approvals, adjustments, reporting and third party system integration.

Gov't contracting solutions »

Time Tracking for Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education

Track employee & student time and attendance, project time, advanced approvals, reporting, integration with any ERP.

Higher education solutions »


 Switching from ADP, Pacific Timesheet has been nothing short of a god-send in terms of our employees completing their timesheets. It is more intuitive, straightforward, and completely uncluttered with extraneous info employees don't need. Most of all, our employees love that we can pre-load time coding in, so they choose what they worked on and how much time, and the system does the rest.                                                                                                                            - Pacific Timesheet Customer



Komatsu is a leading mining equipment manufacturer and engineering services firm.

Komatsu uses Pacific Timesheet to track projects in seven country groups worldwide. Komatsu Mining  uses all aspects of Pacific Timesheet's time management, including a deep work breakdown structure, time off management, time and attendance and payroll time tracking. Pacific Timesheet integrates seamlessly with Komatsu's ERP and payroll systems.


NEP Broadcasting is the teleproduction services leader in sports and entertainment events.

The largest broadcast networks and production companies use NEP to support telecasts of major events from the Olympic Games to the Academy Awards. NEP needed a way to track the time, work and expenses of more than one thousand broadcasting field workers, camera men, audio and video technicians, using flexible timesheet templates that were easy to use. After launching Pacific Timesheet, NEP significantly reduced the time and cost it took capture and process hours and expense data for billing and payroll. NEP has been using Pacific timesheet since 2008.


Brazos Electric is a leading electric utility cooperative.

Brazos Electric, founded in 1941, is the largest generation and transmission cooperative in Texas, extending across 68 counties. Brazos Electric needed a proven time and work tracking solution for its field services organization that would capture field data and integrate seamlessly with its ERP system. In particular they needed a solution that could match their forms and data capture requirements.