Automated approvals allow your managers to easily approve many employee timesheets from multiple locations. Configurable approval screen templates allow managers to see the data they need to finalize approvals.

Timesheet approvals include timesheet approval dashboards, time off approval dashboards, approval reminders, late notices and rejection notices to employees.


Multiple Approvals

Multiple approvals mean you can have a variety of approval workflows such as supervisor approval, payroll approval and billing approval. Each approver level can have backup approvers. All approvals and rejections are audited.


Approval Routing

Employee Timesheets or Time Off requests can be submitted to the system with any approval route.


Payroll & Billing Approvals

You can designate a Payroll Approval level and/or Billing Approval level to ensure auditing and tagging of exported timesheet data to payroll and/or billing systems



Timesheets and Time Off requests can be rejected by an approver with reasons for the rejection routed back to the employee.


Configurable Dashboards

Approvers can customize their approval dashboard to display whatever employee timesheet data they might need to facilitate the approval process.


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