Timesheet Software UsabilityEase of Use

Users fall in love with Pacific Timesheet.

Pacific Timesheet Software offers one of the cleanest user interfaces in the software industry. Simple navigation, flexible timesheet templates and more features your employees will love.

Why Employee Users Love Pacific Timesheet

Problem: "Onesize fits all" timesheets

A big complaint of employees and users are when companies use one timesheet for every situation. They are cluttered and confusing. Difficult to fill out, review, and approve.

Solution:  Pacific Timesheet timesheets & forms

  • Create and assign as many templates & forms as you need.
  • Custom templates and forms that fit the employee's classification.
  • Crew timesheets that fit the division or job.

Problem: "Dumb" email notices

Some systems stupidly keep sending users email reminders and notices when they already submitted their timesheet.

 Solution:  Pacific Timesheet Smart Notices

  • Pacific Timesheet smart notices check the status of employee actions before they are sent.
  • If you are on time, no notice!

Problem: Fax machines

Faxing timesheets is fraught with problems. Fax lines that are busy, failed sends and not getting to the desk of an approver are a few of the things that can go wrong.

 Solution:  Pacific Timesheet web-based timesheets

Pacific Timesheet electronic web-based timesheets can be sent from anywhere anytime. No fax machine required.

Problem: Finding your approver

Running around the office to find your supervisor to approve your timesheet is not a good use of an employee's time.

 Solution:  Timesheet routing

Pacific Timesheet automatically routes your submitted timesheet to the correct approver. It also reminds him to approve and pings him when he is late.

 Solution:  Approval status

  • When an employee is not sure if his supervisor has approved his timesheet or leave request, he can always check the timesheet or leave request status. It always shows who approved and when.
  • Rejection notices com to your inbox so you can quickly turnaround corrections.

Why system administrator users love Pacific Timesheet

Easy Administration

A great time tracking application should eliminate headaches, not give you one. Managing Pacific Timesheet is a breeze:

  • Remote access from anywhere anytime.
  • Detailed system breadcrumb navigation so you know where you are at all times.
  • Easy to customize and maintain over time.
  • Single Sign-On IAM tools easy to setup.
  • Easy password administration
  • Easy search & fast forward controls make it easy to get around.

Up and running fast and right

You need to get moving fast, but you need to do it right. Pacific Timesheet setup utilities allow you to create hundreds and thousands of employee, group, project, client, task, and other profiles in a flash. Whether its SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Paychex, ADP or Quickbooks, you can synchronize our systems with third party payroll, human resource and accounting systems using our auto import/export utilities and web services. Easily clone employees, projects, policies, templates, permissions and more. With Pacific Timesheet, you can set it and forget it.

Implementation and training services

Rolling out a time tracking system should not be painful. Pacific Timesheet implementation and training services ensure that you achieve the system you need quickly and that employee acceptance is high. User guides, training videos, context-sensitive online help and detailed knowledge-base solutions are available 24-7. Finally, the success of our trial/test process is touted by our customers as one of the best in the software industry. Rapid support ensures that you get what you need when you need it. Ongoing Learning Center articles, research and development ensure that Pacific Timesheet helps your business keeps moving forward.

The system that sells itself

Use the time management application that sells itself. Pacific Timesheet's usability and system architecture make it a pleasure to use. You'll be happier and be able to spend more time on your business. Check out Pacific Timesheet and see what we mean.

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