Extensibility of Timesheets and Forms

Extending your system with one flexible platform. Extensibility

We provide one flexible platform with an advanced web services framework for integration, enterprise objects, workflow engine, custom reporting and a variety of data capture options. Pacific Timesheet’s n-tier, component-based architecture addresses any enterprise application integration requirement. Completely configurable system objects, business policies and workflow address immediate and future business requirements.

Extensibility enabling technologies 


Web services integration framework

Pacific Timesheet's open J2EE-compliant XML integration framework delivers a flexible and extensible platform for enterprise customization and enables an organization to quickly achieve more seamless enterprise application integration for rapid deployments and speed to ROI.

Enterprise objects

All major system objects have profiles that can be customized and extended to continually meet your business requirements as they evolve over time. Robust permissions security means you can control rights and access to any system object.

Workflow engine

Routing of requests, submissions or data, approvals, automated notices and more are all managed and controlled by a configurable workflow engine.

Extensive custom reporting

Extensive custom reporting that is easy to use summarizes and provides the finest details and drill-downs into key data. Customizable SQL Expressions allow you to include any calculation in a custom report. Dynamic filters allow you to do real time "what's ifs" on any report. Publishing capabilities allow you to create and distribute key custom reports to any class of employees.

Data capture extensibility

Being able to capture time and work data from any interface means Pacific Timesheet can keep up with your changing operational requirements over time. Whether you need desktop browsers for the Mac, PDA or other handheld device support, Interactive Voice Response for cell phone or landline data capture, or biometric time clocks, Pacific Timesheet will allow you to continually extend the reach of your time and work tracking system.

Data capture on any device.