Data Visibility into Employee Timsheets

You have questions. We have answers in real time. Data Visibility

  • Who's logging in?
  • Who's in this morning?
  • How are resources allocated?
  • What resources are available?
  • What are our costs?
  • What are billings?

Timesheet, asset entries, document dashboards

A summary view of all your employees' timesheet data tells you so much at a glance: Who's in? Who's out? What are they working on? What resources are active? What resources are available? With one click drill down and see details in real time.

Project/job dashboards

A summary view of project/job progress, tasks, planned and actual start and finish times, planned versus actual work, percent completion. Easy to setup. A breeze to maintain. Have instant updates of your project/job progress at your fingertips.


System activity

You can monitor how employees use the system. Detailed audit trails of all logins, system changes, submissions, approvals, requests, rejections and comments are all time and date stamped to show you who is doing what and when. 


Real time reporting

A web-based system captures all time and work data, whether from the field or in the office, real time. Run a report on any data, any calculated value: pay amounts, billings, in/out times, mileage, costs and more.