Automated Crew Time Tracking Systems

Accurate, fast, compliant: speed payroll, billing & know your true costs. Easily capture all the time and work data you need, feed payroll, accounting and ERP systems.

Crew and employee timesheets that capture data in real time

Tablet, laptop and mobile device crew timesheets eliminate paper, capture and report employee hours, equipment, materials and site logs in real time for jobs, phases, cost codes and more:

crew timesheet

  • Crew Time Entry: capture straight-time, overtime, jobs, phases and cost codes by employee.
  • Equipment Tracking: hours, quantities, costs, price, start and finish mileage, notes.
  • Materials Tracking: units, cost, price, description, notes.
  • Supervisor Site Logs: site and weather conditions, incident reports, incident photos, site report.

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Crew Timesheet Approvals: daily, weekly approvals of all resources

Supervisor, project manager and client approvals are critical to validating time and work data. No more paper timesheets, faxed timesheets, or the cost of fedexing timesheets. All approvals can be done remotely in real time.

crew timesheet

  • Daily approvals: approve crew time and work every day.
  • Multiple approval levels:  whatever you need - supervisor, project manager and client approvers.
  • Rejections and notices:  client rejection email notifications with detailed comments.

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Automated Integration with all payroll, accounting and ERP systems

Pacific Timesheet integrates with more than 250 payroll, accounting and ERP systems worldwide. Electronically transmit pay data for payroll, billing and job cost data to accounting:

crew timesheet

  • Eliminate double data entry: streamline data integration with any construction payroll, accounting or ERP system.
  • Manual integrations for payroll:  tools to validate pay data and run when it’s ready.
  • Automated scheduled exports: for any data to accounting and ERP systems.
  • Auto-imports to synchronize system data: employee, equipment, materials and job master file data.
  • Web services: to synchronize system data real time.

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Job Cost Reporting gives you real time insight in your business

Custom reporting on job cost history of employee hours, equipment and materials. All reports can be of details or summaries over any reporting period. Security permissions allow for easy publishing of reports.

crew timesheet

  • Job Cost Summary History
  • Job Cost Details History
  • Job Cost vs. Estimates.
  • Job Costs by Phase, Cost Code or Pay Class

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Job Management Dashboard tracks job progress in real time

Job and project managers can track job progress in real time. Control job management dashboard access by job.

crew timesheet

  • Top-down WBS: configurable work breakdown structure.
  • Estimated hours to complete: for phases, cost codes and more.
  • Clone job setups: for new jobs in complete detail.

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Data collection: tablets, smartphones, laptops, timeclocks, IVR Phone

Construction and field services can require many time tracking and data collection methods. Capture information for resources at remote job sites, customer operation sites, or in the office:

crew timesheet

  • Smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and rugged handhelds.
  • Tablets: iPad, Android, Surface.
  • Laptop/desktop interfaces: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera
  • Time clocks: Proximity, biometric and PIN entry time clocks: for attendance and access control (wireless and networked)
  • Interactive voice response (IVR): phone-based time cards for offline employees with no direct internet access.

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