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Pacific Timesheet time and attendance and absence management are integrated solutions that give you all the tools you need to monitor and control employee attendance problems and unscheduled absences.

Everything you need to take control.

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How Time & Attendance



  1. Employees clock in and clock out at time clocks, IVR phone devices, smartphones, or browser time clocks at a desktop or kiosk computer.

  2. Supervisor can clock in and clock out crews using smartphones or desktops, laptops or kiosks.

  3. Absence points for lateness, early-clock-outs, and less-than-scheduled-work-hours are automatically recorded using absence points rules settings.

  4. Missed punches and no time records are identified using through supervisor notifications and no time dashboards.

  5. Unscheduled absences identified and recorded so absence points accrue according to rules.

  6. Pay rules automatically calculate regular and overtime, shift differentials or other premiums.

  7. Hours dashboards and reports allow supervisors and payroll to monitor and approve overtime, daily or weekly time.

  8. Time off requests are approved and scheduled and automated schedule rules push scheduled time off onto future timesheets.

  9. Holiday schedules automatically schedule and push valid holidays onto employee timesheets.

  10. Human resources and payroll uses absence points monitoring tools to issue first and second warnings and take termination actions due to an employee's poor attendance and absence performance.


What Makes
Us Better?


Superior Software

Absence points tracking, flexible attendance rules, unscheduled absence rules, powerful dashboards for line supervisors and HR managers.


Real Time Data Collection

Web-based devices are now the gold standard in
attendance time data collection.


Any Method of Data Collection

Pacific Timesheet provides all methods of time and attendance data collection: biometric fingerprint, face readers, RFID, bar code/magnetic readers, and more.

Attendance Monitoring

Supervisors on the plant floor can use standard tablets to access real time information on employee late punches, missed punches or early clock outs. 




Punch board dashboards show who's in and out in real time. Pacific timesheet allows your supervisors to see who's in attendance in real time. 


Continue to monitor missed punches and quickly identify no time records. Pacific timesheet allows you to quickly code absences. 


Late clock-in email notifications tell supervisors when employees punch in late using a customizable time threshold. 



Absence Points

Absence points tracking enforces automated rules to improve attendance performance by assigning point values lateness, leaving early and other attendance rules violations.


Late employees can be assigned a progressive number of points for different degrees of lateness for each incident. 


Employees can be assigned an increasing number of points the earlier they punch out before their scheduled finish time. 


Minimum hours rules assign points when employees work less than a defined number of scheduled hours, percentage of scheduled hours. 

Employee Case Tracking

Employee Case Tracking allows you to track and manage employee attendance performance issues. Create and manage employee case records with case status, reason codes and other properties. Track remediation steps, training and education, and progress milestones.