Automate expense tracking end to end

Cut your expense management costs by 50% or more with end-to-end expense tracking, multi-currency, approvals and reporting. With Pacific Timesheet Expense, your employees can capture expense entries in local currencies with store receipt images. Automate approvals and rejections. Advanced reporting and analytics give you visibility into where the dollars go in your base currency. Integrate employee expenses with payroll in reimbursement currencies, and accounting in company base currencies. 




Track all expenses anywhere any time

Have employees track expenses anywhere using any device. Completely customizable expense management means you can track expense items and expense reports in any format. Configure custom approval and rejection workflows so expense data is valid, submitted, approved and processed on time, every time.

Track expenses on the go.

Advanced Multi-currency.

Gone are the days of currency adjustments by accounting and payroll. Pacific Timesheet Expense multicurrency allows you to track expense items in their local currency, set employee expense report reimbursement currencies, and track all expenses simultaneously in your company's base currency.  

Import Credit Card Expense Entries.

Significantly reduce expense data entry! Automatically import corporate credit card expense entries each month and have employee expense reports created automatically for review and submission. Pacific Timesheet Expense is supported to import expense entries with all major credit cards. 

Approval and integration.

Completely automate expense report workflow! Notified approvers when employees submit expense reports. Notify employees of approvals and rejections. Assign backup approvers. Easily integrate expense data with your accounting system for costing and billing, and payroll system for expense reimbursements.

Expense Reports

Expense tracking benefits

Pacific Timesheet Expense allows you to see where the dollars go. With predictable service fees, you can easily plan your expense tracking budgets. Pacific Timesheet Expense's highly-scalable cloud services, we provide rapid support that is 20X faster than what you're use to.

Reporting and analytics.

With more accurate expense reporting you can easily enforce your expense policies in real time. Get a clear picture of spending by: employee, expense type, project, job, cost center and more using expense details and summary report analytics. Advanced audit trails provide in-depth meta data on all expense entries and adjustments.



Predictable service fees.

There are no fee surprises with Pacific Timesheet Expense cloud-based services. You can manage and scale predictable service fees as your business changes and grows. Add additional services incrementally and pay as you go for what you need.

Cloud-based and flexible.

Pacific Timesheet Expense provides you 24/7/365 access, 20x faster support and resolution times for any issue, and a responsive product and service road map that will grow with your business. Pacific Timesheet Expense, which provides state-of-the- art system security, can scale to thousands of employees on demand.