Take Control

Pacific Timesheet time and attendance and absence management solutions give you all the tools you need, using any data capture tools and supervisor attendance dashboards, to take control of employee attendance problems and unscheduled absences.

Major Solutions

Pacific Timesheet Time and Attendance provides a variety of solutions to capture, validate, process, monitor, and report on employee attendance. In this way, as your operations change we can support those changes over time.

Absence monitoring tools: no time, missed punches, who's in

Supervisors on the plant floor can use standard tablets to access real time information on employee late punches, missed punches or early clock outs. Identify and act on no time records, missed punches, late scheduled absences and more:

crew timesheet

  • No time dashboards : see missed punches and no time records immediately to take action.
  • "Who's In?" : punch board dashboards show who's in and out in real time.
  • Late clock in notifications : have supervisors notified using time thresholds for when employees punch in late.

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Absence points: automate rules to improve attendance performance

Absence points software assigns point values when employees violate attendance and absence rules:

absence points rules

  • Lateness points : assign a progressive number of points for different degrees of employee lateness.
  • Early punch outs : assign a progressive number of points when employees punch before their scheduled finish time.
  • Percentage of day rules : assign points when employees punch out so they are working less than 50%, or any other defined percentage of their scheduled hours.
  • Minimum hours rules : assign points when employees work less than a defined number of scheduled hours.

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Other Features:

Employee Case Tracking

Employee Case Tracking allows you to track and manage employee attendance performance issues. Create and manage employee case records with case status, reason codes and other properties. Track remediation steps, training and education, and progress milestones.

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