Construction Timesheet Software

Track time, expense, assets & logs your way.
Your terminology. Your sheets and forms.
Flexible and fast.

Crew Timesheets

Find / add employees by craft.   Autofill for 7 or 70 employees.
Copy previous day.  Compact display.  Works offline.

Top Construction App

Pacific Timesheet is accessible by any smartphone or tablet (even a Kindle) ...track, submit and approve employee hours, expense, asset and documentation data anywhere, anytime. Data are recorded in real time.
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Your Crew Timesheets.


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Daily and weekly approvals.

Multiple approval levels.

Automated reminders & rejections.


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Bulk entries.

Use to allocate job hours.

Synchronize with gate logs.

Mobile App

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Work offline Track all data without a signal for projects in remote locations. 

Cloud-based Stay in sync with the cloud. 

Enterprise scale Store hundreds of thousands of projects, phase, cost codes, employees, equipment, and material types.


Your Assets & Logs.


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Track by operator, idle time, and maintenance time.

Track equipment and operator hours simultaneously.

Track operator and equipment hours separately.

Ideal for fixed assets and equipment.

Log Hours

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Track equipment hours by job or customer & more.

Track work & leave hours.

Regular time, over time, & more.

Field Documentation


Automate field documentation online and offline. 

Foreman logs. 

Safety checks. 

Incident and accident reports


With Advanced Features.

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Crew Timesheets

Asset 171


Asset 170-1


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Per Diem/ Expense

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Automate crews, employees, assets and logs

  • Pacific Timesheet removes the headaches of paper and Excel.
  • Move to software, mobile devices and Apps.
  • Start a free trial and test your timesheets, forms and business processes. 
  • Match form layouts, terminology, workflow and rules you need.
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Advanced data security

  • Need advanced security for different system roles?
  • Control data access by role.
  • Make any field editable, required, read-only, or hidden.

Construction system integration

  • Synchronize Jobs, Phases & Assets
  • Synchronize Employees and Crews
  • Send Hours, Expense & Asset Data 

Asset 195

Bar code scanning for manufacturing shops

  • For any manufacturing operation our bar code scanning apps work on and offline.
  • Scan job and phase code bar cod data with special custom workflows, forms and screens.

Multiple Divisions in One System

Built to flexibly support all of your divisions in one system. 
  • Support any user: foremen, superintendents, project managers, shop and office employees.
  • Support any tasks: design, build, manufacturing, operations and maintenance.
  • Support any heavy civil and engineering jobs: dams, bridges, roads and highways, railways, water, wastewater, utility distribution, power and industrial construction, refineries, process chemical, power generation, mills, manufacturing plants, pipelines, commercial construction: offices, retail stores, warehouses, and more.
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Asset 167

Asset Tracking

Asset 165


Asset 166

System Integration


Pacific Crew App

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Pacific Time App

Giving you enterprise-class time, expense, asset & log management & tracking your way.


Your terminology.  Your sheets and forms.  Your workflow. 


Pulling it all together flexibly & fast.


Pacific Timesheet.  The right software.