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Non-Profit Social Services Organization Time Tracking

Customized Time Tracking for Your Workers in the Field.

In delivering a variety of important services, social work agencies need to track a wide expanse of workers at various office locations and in the field. 100% web-based solutions allow employees and contractors to easily report their time for payroll and case tracking. Additionally, it is increasingly important to track social worker service delivery by grant and funding sources.

A customizable workbreakdown structure allow your agency to track work by programs, services, funding sources and more. Integrate with your accounting and/or ERP system's job costing codes. Custom real time reporting allows your managers to have visibility into the progress of cases and the allocation of resources.

Payroll Time and Work Tracking

We support and integrate with any payroll. Multiple pay rules, accrual policies, automated approvals, timesheet corrections, and work tracking allow for a robust payroll time tracking solution.

Activity Costing and Tracking

Track programs and activities to learn their real costs. You can cost projects and programs using any work breakdown structure.

Extensive Holiday Scheduling by Employee Type

Administrating holiday schedules manually is costly and time consuming. Automate holiday schedules for any employee type.

Data Entry for All Types of Workers

We support exempt, non-exempt, in-the-office workers, workers in the field, part-time workers and contractors. Web-based portals for office workers, biometric, proximity and PIN entry time clocks for hourly workers. Handheld and PDA data entry for workers in the field. IVR Phone data entry for hourly workers.

Automated Time Off Requests and Approvals

Time off requests require approvals and scheduling. And you want an audit trail for everything. Imagine eliminating the wear and tear of Time Off schedules. Automated Time Off requests, manager notifications of pending requests, employee notification of approvals or rejections with comments, and automatic scheduling of approved time off and other requests. And Pacific Timesheet's request workflow can handle any request process your company needs.

Custom Reporting

In addition to data capture, you need custom reporting and business intelligence reporting to get the proper data out of the system. Our custom reporting module can run custom reports on any data field, summarize any quantitative data and provide extensive details. In addition, our SQL Expressions features allow for any custom calculation.