Setup Resources to Maximize User Acceptance

Use these resources to maximize your Pacific Timesheet return on investment.

User Guides

Download and customize our standard user guide templates. 

Context Sensitive/Online Help

Pacific Timesheet's Online Help is found on every page of the application in the upper right corner of the screen. Online Help is always context sensitive. When you are viewing system page, click on Online Help and the help topics for that page will open in a new tab. Online Help provides descriptive information about features on that page. This can include detailed specifications of field names, types, rules and other options.

Additional User Training and Documentation

Sometimes it's necessary to provide administrative users with more detailed training and/or documentation. This might be to use Pacific Timesheet to reinforce or tighten compliance with certain rules and policies.  

There are several administrative user types that can have responsibility for administering different parts of Pacific Timesheet:

  • Primary and secondary system administrators responsibility for administering all aspects of the system.
  • Country admins responsible for administering employees and projects for their country groups.
  • Payroll administrative users administering employee new hires, termination or other employee data changes.
  • Payroll administrative users administering employee policies and rules such as overtime, time off accruals, etc. 
  • Project manager users administering the creation of new projects, inactivation of projects, or other project data changes.
  • Human resource manager users administering absence points tracking rules, monitoring employee absence point levels, perfect attendance awards, and progressive discipline wardings that might lead to terminations.
  • FMLA manager users using Pacific Timesheet to track and monitor employee leave.

Each of these users will have security permission profiles that extend and restrict access to the system according to their responsibilities. Finalization of training and user documentation for these users should be completed in accordance with your internal policies and guidelines, as well as the security permission settings established within Pacific Timesheet for these users. 

Develop your own training materials using Pacific Timesheet Online Help documentation.

Or make a training information request now from Pacific Timesheet and we will develop a quote for additional training services, resources or documentation you might need to support various users.

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