Pacific Timesheet Announces Upgraded Accruals Engine

Rolls Royce Accruals Engine for the Cost of a Buick

Las Vegas, NV — January 31, 2013 — Pacific Timesheet announced today the release of Version 8.00 Build 549, which includes a significant upgrade to its accrual engine.

News Facts

  1. Demonstrating Pacific Timesheet 's commitment to customer Time Off and Absence Management needs, Pacific Timesheet 8.00 Build 549 introduces new capabilities in its Accruals Engine designed to reduce implementation and maintenance costs of customer accrual policies and rules administration and enforcement. The features are available across all industries.
  2. Pacific Timesheet 8.00 Build 549 also broadens customer access to all accruals engine rules settings, and no longer requires any back-end configuration. Larger customer organizations in all industries often have a variety of unique accrual policies and rules requirements within the same company due to union contracts, multiple and acquired divisions, and different operating locales.
  3. Pacific Timesheet 8.00 Build 549 has now built into its accrual engine advanced features that allow customers to re-run accrual policies or rules for any date range. This feature addresses an important issue of manual adjustments of accrual rules, rollover rules, and maximum rules that might need to be realigned by customers retro-actively. Historically, such changes would require payroll staff to manually adjust employee balances affected by an errant policy or rule assignment, or a retro-active policy or rule change.
  4. These accrual policies and rules enhancements are estimated to reduce the time required to configure accruals policies and rules by 80%. Automating the manual adjustment process for retro-active accruals policies and rules will reduce the level of effort for such projects by 98%.

Supporting Quote

"This upgrade represents a significant improvement in the configurability of our accruals engine." said Managing Director Ronald Kfoury. "This development is also inline with our strategy to lower the cost of customer implementations. Rather than require many months of expensive professional services, we can now deliver an unlimited combination of top-end customer accrual policies and rules using a standard toolset included with our accruals engine. Now, the ongoing maintenance of these policies and rules will be much easier for our customers. Kfoury continued, "With this accruals engine comes an exciting new toolset that allows customers to automate their accruals policy and rules changes retro-actively. This is a huge feature when we consider the amount of staff time that can be saved from performing retro-active corrections manually to accruals, rollovers or maximum rules enforcements."

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