Pacific Timesheet Announces Major Enhancements For Employee Time Management

Several important features and enhancements allow more control over employee time management.

Las Vegas, NV — August 13, 2013 — Pacific Timesheet has announced several important features and enhancements to its enterprise employee time, work and asset tracking solutions.

News Facts
  1. Employee's clock ins and outs can round with even more precision to the nearest start or finish time. This feature is important for manufacturing situations where many employees clock in at a single time clock to avoid getting absence points for lateness. Clock ins or out can round 15 minutes or less before the scheduled start time automatically round to the scheduled start time, and 15 minutes or less after the scheduled finish time to automatically round to the finish time. This feature allows employees to register a clock in or clock out on time without any impacts on payroll.
  2. A probationary period that enhances the validation of Leave Checks for each balance independently has been added. New employee probationary periods are now enforced automatically for a more precise number of days, as opposed to fractions of a year as before.
  3. Exempt employee work time has been entered automatically in the past through copy previous and other features. Now an autofill time entry rule can be used to automatically set total timesheet hours to match the employee's scheduled hours when the timesheet is submitted. This can be useful in cases where you only want to track leave for exempt employees, but need to record and provide work hours to payroll.
Supporting Quotes

"A growing strength of our solutions is how we help customers to record and manage employee time with greater precision and less administration," said Managing Director Ronald Kfoury.

"Pacific Timesheet solutions for time off management assest human resource and payroll managers more and more so they can automate the administration of onboarding new employees."

"Tracking payroll time for exempt employees is usually a challenge in many organizations because of compliance issues. Pacific Timesheet's auto-fill enhancements allow timesheet rules to fill in work time to match scheduled hours accurately."