Pacific Timesheet Announces Enhanced Actatek 3 Time Clock Support

Actatek web-based biometric, smart card and combination time clocks leading the industry for time and attendance.

Las Vegas, NV — July 6, 2011 — Pacific Timesheet has announced support for Actatek 3 time clocks which includes advanced video server and employee access control features.

Jim Dickerson VP of Operations explains, "Actatek 3, the third generation of Actatek 100% web-based time clocks, provides unparalleled features for our time and attendance systems." Dickerson continued, "Buddy punching has been a major problem for smart card or proximity card time clock systems. Pacific Timesheet Actatek 3 time clocks now support video server technology that records the 10 seconds before and after an employee clock in or clock out."

The Actatek 3 time clock video server interface records streaming video from each time clock 24/7/365. Whenever a clock in or clock out occurs a video snippet ten seconds before and after the event on time clock's video stream is tagged on the server. Supervisors and administrators can later audit employee clock ins and clock outs by drilling down into a punch in/out event to authenticate that the actual employee is punching himself in or out. Dickerson continued, "Authentication is the name of the game in time and attendance systems. And biometric time clocks are only one solution. With Pacific Timesheet Actatek 3 video server technology, managers can now authenticate employee time and attendance for smart card and proximity card solutions."

Actatek is the 2010 Frost and Sullivan "Vertical Market Biometric Penetration Award Winner." Its proximity and biometric solutions are 100% web-based allowing for remote configuration and administration. Actatek time clocks support a variety of proximity and smart card standards including Philips Mifare, HID Prox, HID Prox II, HID iCLASS, Legic and EM. Actatek time clocks can support more than 5,000 employees per time clock and a network of clocks can be synchronized across multiple sites and locations. Actatek's Logiprint remote registration allows administrators or supervisors to enroll employees from PC workstations. Altronix backup power ensures that time Actatek time clocks continue operating during power failures or surges.

Any inquiries about Pacific Timesheet Actatek 3 time clock features can be directed to 866-416-2061 ext. 1 where an application specialist an assist you with any questions or how to get started. From outside North America call +1 650-641-2760.

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