Pacific Timesheet Announces Shift Differential Enhancements

Additional more configurable support for shift differential regular and overtime rules.

Las Vegas, NV — February 10, 2010 — Pacific Timesheet has announced significant enhancements to its time and attendance support for shift differential regular time, shift differential overtime and shift differential double time rules.

Many union contracts and more complicated work rules require, in addition to shift differential rates or payment amounts, that workers are paid certain separate regular, overtime or double time rates for shift work. In addition, shift differential rules can require configurable definitions of which shift hours are included in these calculations, such as starting before a shift, during a shift, or the entire shift. Pacific Timesheet Time and Attendance software handles this support while providing seamless integration with more than 250 payrolls, accounting and ERP systems. Pacific Timesheet Time and Attendance software also supports an unlimited number complex shifts for any day, combinations or days and hours.

Jim Dickerson, VP of Operation stated, "Many of our customers require flexibility in shift differential software to support highly complex work and pay rules. Pacific Timesheet's highly configurable shift differential support allows for multiple shift rules, shift premiums and shift schedules."

Pacific Timesheet Time and Attendance software allows customers to track time and attendance and time off by job. With a variety of rules exceptions, such as including holidays in overtime calculations, for support for meal penalties and split shift differentials, Pacific Timesheet Time and Attendance software allow employers to track any kind of work rules and policies. Dickerson continued, "Pacific Timesheet's shift differential support provides the same ease of use and administration as our other enterprise class features. As well, our customers continue to work closely with us on our product road map to ensure the product continues to meet increasingly complex labor rules while retaining its core flexibility."

About Pacific Timesheet Enterprise

Pacific Timesheet is a leader in providing time and attendance software, time and labor tracking, timesheet software as a service and time tracking software. Its flagship product, Pacific Timesheet, provides unprecedented ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability for time and attendance, time off and absence management, payroll timesheets and project/job time tracking. Built on platform, database, and browser-independent technologies that can be implemented either on-premise or on-demand, Pacific Timesheet provides an enterprise-ready solution that is easy to use and implement for companies across the globe.

The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has offices throughout North America and Europe. Pacific Timesheet is an equal opportunity employer always in search of talented professionals interested in the development and application of proven software technologies. Pacific Timesheet's Time Management Systems are used by some of the world's leading organizations such as Applied Materials, BCD Travel, Joy Mining, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, NOAA, New Visions for Public Schools, University of Massachusetts and many more. If you need additional information about Pacific Timesheet go to, or call 866-416-2061 ext. 1.