Pacific Timesheet Announces Multiple Billing Rate and Multiple Pay Rate Enhancements

Las Vegas, NV — May 13, 2009 — Pacific Timesheet announced today additional enhancements to its multiple billing and pay rate rules and configuration interfaces. Previously, most project and job time tracking applications have been limited to configuring billing rates by simple work item hierarchies alone. Pacific Timesheet now allows customers to set billing rates by any combination of system objects, including work items, employees, resource groups, or cost centers, or other organizational units or groups.

VP of Operations Jim Dickerson stated, "Many of our customers who use us to generate billing or invoicing data require complicated billing rules. Pacific Timesheet is now one of the few timesheet programs that allows a customer to configure multiple billing rates by any system object. The billing rate support possibilities are endless."

In addition, Pacific Timesheet provides the exact same enhancements and support for multiple pay rates and configurations. In this way, customers can setup an unlimited number of multiple pay rules by any system object. Dickerson stated, "For industry solutions that require multiple pay rates for different types of work performed, such as oil and gas, health care and manufacturing, our industry solutions easily can vary pay rates by jobs, cost codes but also the position being worked or the location of the employee."

Pacific Timesheet time and work tracking solutions integrate with industry-leading systems payrolls like ADP and Paychex, ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Lawson, accounting, human resources, LDAP and Active Directory.

About Pacific Timesheet Enterprise

Pacific Timesheet Enterprise is a leading J2EE compliant and DCAA compliant time sheet and web time tracking software. Architected for the web, Pacific Timesheet Enterprise runs on any browser, operating system, database and middleware. Its n-tier architecture allows its timesheet systems to scale to tens of thousands of users. Single sign-on integration is also available with LDAP, OpenID, Netegrity and Microsoft Active Directory. Pacific Timesheet's timesheet software offers a significant and rapid Return on Investment, allowing customers to save millions of dollars while improving their visibility into employee projects, work and attendance.

About Pacific Timesheet

Pacific Timesheet is a leader in time tracking software. Offering self-hosted and "software as a service" solutions, it provides robust yet easy-to-use global solutions for the enterprise supporting more than 75 locales worldwide. Pacific Timesheet's Time Management Systems are used by some of the world's leading organizations. Its main product, Pacific Timesheet Enterprise, provides unprecedented ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability. The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has offices throughout North America and Europe. For additional information about Pacific Timesheet please visit or call 866-416-2061.