Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting allows you to customize and publish any of the 70 reporting templates. You can also create custom reports from scratch with the easy-to-use report builder screens. List, group and subtotal any standard or custom field or value.


Custom Report Templates

Use more than 90 reporting templates or customize your own. Report on any standard or custom field data in the system. Customize subtotals, column labels and more.



Customize Reports

Add and order any standard or custom fields. Predefine or use our reporting filters for customers, employees, projects, tasks and even custom field data.



Publish Reports

You can publish custom reports to any permission group or role in the system.



Specialized Reports

A variety of auditing and administrative reports are available. For instance, with the Employee Login report you can check all successful and failed logins by employees, and even see their IP address at time of login.



Formatting Reports

Standard Date Ranges

Standard date ranges make running recurring reports simple and easy.



Multiple Report Formats

Produce reports in HTML, PDF, CSV or Excel formats.



Report Filters

Easy filters allow you to further customize reports on the fly. Select customers, projects, tasks, employees and other profiles in ranges or non-contiguous selections



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