System Ease of Use

Pacific Timesheet has many features that make it easy to use.


Multiple Views

View and edit timesheets in a number of convenient ways: Day, Week, Period, Percent Allocation or Printer Friendly (PDF) formats.



Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive interface elements, such as tabs and breadcrumbs, make navigating our applications easy. Pointers and feature icons guide your eye to the right system area.



Dashboard Views

Search, sort and organize data using powerful employee, task, customer, request, approvals, timesheets and other dashboards. Sort by ID, Name or profile description with one click. Search for profiles, requests and timesheets by status or group. VCR controls allow you to easily navigate long lists of data.



Breadcrumb menu

Breadcrumb menu always shows you where you are in the system.



Configuration Tools

Configuration tools such as import/export utilities and web services for all object data, timesheet and asset entry data make setup and updating the system simple and easy.



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